10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Female Friend

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Female Friend

10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Female Friend

You are my best friend, and I love you so much! Your kindness, support, and generosity in all of life are beyond measure. You always know how to make us laugh, which is the most important gift anyone could ask for!

No matter what the occasion, no matter if it’s a birthday or if we’re just celebrating life with a dinner party, your presence will be felt in our hearts forever. And on this day, when we celebrate your existence and all that you have given us, I can only hope to give back even half as much as you have given me. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my good times with you in the coming days and years. Happy Birthday, Best Female Friend!

Sometimes a little humor actually goes a long way in expressing just how glad we are for you. So all of these funny birthday wishes for your best female friend are sure to put a smile on her face and brighten up her special day.

10 Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Female Friend

  • Oh, happy birthday to you, a best friend who is so dear. I hope this day brings you lots of cheer, and the very best things in life do come to you. So I wish you a splendid year ahead. With nothing but love and joy around each turn!
  • I think it’s time we stop being friends because clearly, your birthday is more important than mine! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re never full of surprises on your birthday as you usually give me a gift when I least expect it. Happy Birthday, girlie.
  • Today is your birthday and what I am going to do. I Will send you this secret message. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • What a wonderful birthday surprise. You’re getting more and more wonderful every day! Happy Birthday!
  • Today is the day that only your best friends ever know about. It’s when you become a woman. Happy Birthday
  • I am so glad that we need to be telling each other secret messages and exchanging presents on our special day. Because what would life be like without these things? Happy Birthday!!!
  • Today is the day that only your best friends ever know about. It’s when you become a woman. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your birthday, and I’m so happy that you’re my best friend because I would be lost without you. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my girl, a best friend who is so dear. I hope this day brings you lots of cheer, and the very best things in life do come to you. So I am wishing you a splendid year ahead… with nothing but love and joy around each turn!

You’re in charge of making your best friend happy on her birthday! So let’s figure out how to do it.

A Happy Birthday means a lot to friends. First, they show you love and appreciation. They care about what you have to say because they want you to feel good about yourself, even if it’s for just one day out of the year. Make your friend happy on their most special day with these ideas that are sure to make them smile from ear to ear!

  1. Don’t forget to remind your best friend that this day is about them!
  2. Make them something special for them to treasure and remember for years to come.
  3. Get involved in their day, rather than just sitting back and enjoying the celebrations. Try helping with the preparations or planning beforehand to be at the center of attention rather than on the sidelines.
  4. Don’t forget to wish your friend a happy birthday when it’s time – don’t expect them to remember if you don’t remind them!
  5. Find out what your friend’s favorite things are, and then make sure you include them in their birthday celebrations!

Why a Birthday should be special

Every celebration deserves a special greeting. Greetings are often said with more care and thought than many other parts of a letter. When writing a birthday wish for your best female friend, the first thing to do is make sure that it’s the funniest one around.

Celebrating her day should not just be another day in her life; it should be filled with laughter and laughter alone. If you want to genuinely brighten up somebody else’s birthday gift, then these ten funny birthday wishes for your best female friend can help you do just that!

You had better make sure the jokes are good. According to recent studies, women don’t find other women as hilarious as men do.

Only around 15 percent of women find their best female friends funny, while almost half of men find their best female friends funnier than the average woman. So to get the perfect, most hilarious birthday wish for your best female friend, all you have to do is make sure it’s funny.

How to buy the best gift for a female friend

The first thing that everyone needs when shopping for a female friend is to find out her interests. You can browse through her Instagram, Facebook, favorite websites, or ask her directly.

For example, if she loves fashion and likes Reese Witherspoon movies, take a photo of that item she posted on those platforms and stick it in the card with a personal note of encouragement to help make up for missing the big day somehow. If your friend is not what one might call “social media savvy,” you should do some other research to hit all bases with this present.

Determine what size she is. You want to make sure the shirt fits and feels right when she puts it on. Many people think giving a gift card is just as thoughtful, but it’s not. For instance, let’s say your buddy tells you that she loves Kate Spade purses.

Every girl knows that they can be priced completely out of range for a young college student who is still trying to pay her own way through school. You could get her an additional gift card from somewhere like Gap or Target so that she can pick up whatever style purse she really likes.

Another great idea is to get her something that she can use on a regular basis. For example, suppose she loves coffee or tea. In that case, you should take into consideration how much of it she drinks, always remembering that quality is best!

Sometimes people make the mistake of only buying one cup or bag, but she could lose it if she drops it in the street or has nowhere to store it while at school.

How to show affection to your female friend

You can do plenty of other things to show your female friend that you really care. The first place you should look is in her refrigerator. Is there anything there that she needs to buy?

You can buy her those items and put them on the card, which can save you money down the line! Make sure all of the items that you buy match your friend’s personality. If it’s a little girly and embarrassing, she might not be able to use it as a birthday present.

Women have a lot of emotional and sexual needs that generally have to be met before they are happy. This may mean devoting time to your friend, being attentive, and getting her what she wants without any hesitation.

It’s easy to say something like “Just be yourself” when you’ve been friends for years or even decades, but that won’t meet the woman’s needs. It’ll take some work on your part to figure out how you can help out your friend and turn her into a happier person as well as make her feel special again.

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Be affectionate and show physical signs that she is important to you, like arm-in-arm strolls, compliment her more often even if it’s a minor compliment, let her know that you think she’s beautiful, et cetera.
  3. Take time out of your busy day to do things with her and make sure to keep in touch regularly. Confide in her about your life plans or what you’re doing during the day or the night.
  4. Take her out to do something fun or special, like a spa day, a weekend getaway, whatever.
  5. Closely observe how she feels and how she behaves to try and figure out what kind of gestures will make her feel better. Women are complicated creatures and need things done in specific ways. Figure it out, then do it!
  6. It doesn’t hurt to tell her that you’re attracted to her or that she is beautiful more often if this is true.

How to make your best female friend’s day special

  • Make them a scrapbook of their life and put in cute pictures and articles of things that have happened to them throughout the year.
  • Write down five things about him/her that you love, and then write ten more qualities about him/her that makes him/her an awesome friend. Put it all together in a nice card with pictures cut out from magazines.
  • Give her a gift card to go do something fun and unexpected like go on an adventure, get the latest fashions, or just spend time together watching movies at home.
  • Make her a picture frame with a special picture in it of you two. When she looks at it, she will remember all the fun times you guys have had together.
  • Go do one of her favorite things to do together! If she likes to go shopping, then get her a gift card for that; if she likes to paint, then get her some paints and brushes!
  • Have your parents plan an activity for your whole family, in which the purpose is to include your friend too. This way, you are making them feel included in the family and a part of the celebration.
  • Do something involving their favorite band or singer.
  • Send a group text to all the friends on your friend’s list. This way, they can share their birthday with you while they are all at the same time.
  • Get a card from them, not from you saying ‘Happy Birthday’ but from one of your own designs. For example, in a very cool Tiffany blue font, you could write: “To my best friend! You were born for us! It is because of you that I’m feeling glad and beautiful today! I love you!” Or something similar to that.
  • Whenever she asks how her birthday is going on your wall, show her this article and tell her what you plan on doing for her birthday (this will make the day extra special for everyone).
  • If you know she’s a big snacker, get her something to snack on while she is waiting for you or in a room where you are together in.
  • Get a party out of it! Go do something like having an outdoor picnic with friends and family, and if music is playing, put your iPod on shuffle and have your friend pick the song that he/she likes.
  • Make her a flower arrangement of all things pink, blue, or purple (because it’s her favorite color), putting in some pieces of grass or leaves.