17+ Samples of Acknowledgement for Thesis and Dissertation


17+ Samples of Acknowledgement for Thesis and Dissertation

An acknowledgment is a paragraph added at the start of a final year project or book to express gratitude to individuals who assisted with the research or inspired the work. Top editors, agents, friends, family, and anybody else who supported them while they wrote are thanked by the authors.

What is the acknowledgment in your thesis?

In a straightforward thesis acknowledgment, you thank everyone who helped you during your studies in a small section at the beginning of the document. How do I give credit for a thesis? This part shouldn’t be overly lengthy. Be sure to thank everyone who helped with your thesis politely by mentioning their names or the organizations that provided support.

Who should you acknowledge in your thesis?

While you don’t have to thank each buddy who helped you specifically, make sure to acknowledge anyone who was crucial in your research or provided you with a lot of support. Don’t forget to thank academics who helped you with your studies in various ways or offered you helpful advice. Thanks to all the professional organizations and volunteers who helped you in your study.

 Acknowledgment Samples For Thesis And Dissertation17+ Samples of Acknowledgement for Thesis and Dissertation

 Thesis acknowledgment Sample 1

I must first express my gratitude to [Ms. Name Surname], [Mr. Name Surname], and [Ms. Name Surname], who supervised my study. This thesis paper would not have been completed without their help and active participation in each procedure step. I am grateful for your help and patience over the past four years.

I spoke with [Mr. Name Surname] about early iterations of the [Name of the subject]. During our conversation, she brought up several insightful ideas, and I hope I was able to touch on a few of them.

In particular, none of this would have been possible without my family. Despite my limited commitment to writing, my grandmother regularly supplied her support through phone calls and letters. [Name Surname] has been good to me throughout the previous few years and has a sense of humor.

 Thesis acknowledgment Sample 2

For the most part, I am thankful to God for my excellent health and wellness, which allowed me to finish this book.

I sincerely thank [………], the faculty’s principal, for giving me all the resources I needed for the project.

I want to take this time to thank every one of the department’s faculty members for their assistance and encouragement. I also want to thank my parents for their never-ending support, encouragement, and care. Finally, I appreciate my partner’s support during this attempt.

 Thesis acknowledgment Sample 3

First, let me express my gratitude to [title] [Name Surname], my thesis advisor from the [School / Faculty name] at [University name]. Whenever I had a problem or a query concerning my study or writing, the door of Prof. [Last name office ] was always open. They regularly let me write this paper independently but guided me when they felt I needed it.

Finally, I want to express how grateful I am to my parents and my [girlfriend/boyfriend] for their unwavering support and never-ending encouragement during my years of study and while conducting research for and writing this thesis.

 Thesis acknowledgment Sample 4

I also want to express my appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to the experts who participated in the validation survey for this study: [List the professional titles, names, and surnames of the experts who contributed]. The validation survey would not have been effective without their genuine participation and input.

The second reader of this thesis was [title] [Name Surname] of the [School / Faculty name] at [University name], and I am grateful to them for their insightful suggestions.

 Thesis acknowledgment Sample 5

I appreciate Dr. Andrew R., my supervisor, for his advice and feedback throughout this work. Thank you also to my wife, Anna, for putting up with my spending so much time in the office and being a sounding board when needed.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 6

Without the following persons, I would not have been able to finish this research, and I would not have completed my master’s degree.

And lastly, I want to express my sincere gratitude to my family for their unwavering support throughout this research—the fruit of three years of distance learning. I apologize to my kids for being much grumpy than usual while writing my thesis! I’d also like to thank my wife, Jenny, for all of her support, without which I would have long since given up on my academic endeavors. You have been wonderful, and as I promised, I will now clean the kitchen table of all the paperwork.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 7

I want to show my gratitude to the following people for their help with this research:

My heartfelt gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Peter B, For his passion, support, encouragement, and patience. Johnson University’s Institute of Power and Sustainable Development for input through this MSc program.

The kind people of Brighton who gave their time so kind to fill out the questionnaire surveys.

Billy, my partner – Without you, this thesis project would not have been completed.

And to my family, who long ago started me on the path to getting my MSc.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 8

I appreciate Mr. Joe Smith’s help in directing me to his major writings and for his thought-provoking inquiries about automation and artificial intelligence. The discussions and chats were essential in motivating me to think creatively and from various angles to develop a thorough and objective critique.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 9

I want to express my gratitude to Liam H. and my supervisor Prof. John W. for their ongoing assistance and direction during this study. In addition, I want to thank the other members of the undergraduate research team for working together to collect the data. Finally, I also want to thank Bradford School for actively contributing to the study.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 10

First and foremost, I want to convey my gratitude to the UK government’s international scholarship program Beauville Scholarships, for allowing me to join this amazing leaders’ network. I also thank Alejandro, my dissertation supervisor, for his serious criticism and suggestions.

In closing, I express my gratitude to my family and mates for their tireless support throughout this extremely demanding academic year.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 11

I want to thank Gina K., my boss, for her unwavering support and direction. Gina consistently offered support and was eager and willing to help in any manner she could during the research assignment. Additionally, I want to thank Andrew P. for his analysis-related assistance. Finally, a big thank you to everyone who participated in my research work and made it possible for this research.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 12

Thanks to Dr. Martyn G., my supervisor, for his assistance with this project. To the dissertation module leader, Jennie R., for her assistance and inspiration throughout the procedure.

Last but not least, thank you to all the women who gave up their time and the support of these renowned businesses for their involvement.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 13

Barbara S. has provided excellent advice, support, and encouragement throughout this project, and I would like to thank her for that. Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to the team and CIL for all of their help.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 14

 I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude to Dr. Nicole Neil for her tremendous guidance and support. In addition, I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Nowicki for all of her aid and to Kailee Liese and Aingeshaan Kubendran.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 15

Without the ongoing support, direction, and assistance of my principal mentors, Dr. Samik Basu and Dr. Pavan Aduri, this work would not have been feasible. I shall always strive to reach their tolerance, wisdom, and inventiveness levels. I also like to thank Dr. Gurpur Prabhu for agreeing to join my POSC. My labmates Madhavan and Xiao, who were always available to answer any questions I had, deserve special recognition.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 16

I want to express a particular thank you to Jennie R., my boss. This has been an inspiring experience for me because of her assistance, direction, and general expertise in the subject.

I also want to show gratitude to all the women who participated in the study’s interviews.

Finally, I thank my family for helping me complete this dissertation.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 17

I want to extend heartfelt thanks to every member of the bioelectronics research group for their enthusiasm, patience, and assistance with my project, especially to Mr. D. N. for his direction throughout the gel extraction.

Professor P. W. and Dr. R. S. deserve a special thank you since this project would not have been the same without their assistance and sage advice.

Thesis acknowledgment Sample 18

Without the assistance of numerous people, this endeavor would not have been feasible. Many thanks to Laurence T. Strongarm, my consultant, who read through my various edits and assisted in clearing out the clutter. Also grateful to Joseph Green, Foreman, and Celia from my committee, who provided advice and assistance.

Thank you to my parents and my kids. I’m incredibly grateful to Carol for her tolerance and encouragement.