Acknowledgment for Research Paper (7 Examples)


Acknowledgment for Research Paper (7 Examples)

In the acknowledgments section, you can thank the people who helped you personally and professionally while writing your thesis or dissertation.

The acknowledgments for your thesis or dissertation go between the title page and the abstract and should be one page at maximum.

Who to thank in your acknowledgments

Checking your university’s guidelines is a good first step because they may have rules or likes about the order, wording, or layout of acknowledgments. For example, some institutions want you to keep your acknowledgments as professional as possible.

Even so, it’s usually best to put skilled acknowledgments first, accompanied by any personal ones. Then, you can rank the people you want to thank from most formal to least formal.

Most of the time, you only need to mention people who helped you directly with your thesis or dissertation. But if you think someone like your high-school physics instructor greatly influenced your research, feel free to list them as well.

How to write acknowledgments

After you’ve created a list of people to thank, arrange them in descending order. Separate everybody, you listed into three categories: “major thanks,” “big thanks,” and “minor thanks.”

  • “Major thanks” are offered to persons without whom your endeavor would be impossible. These are often professional acknowledgments for your adviser, chair, committee, and any donors.
  • “Big thanks” is an in-between phrase for people who have supported you along the path or helped you improve intellectually, such as students, peers, or librarians.
  • “Minor thanks” can be used for anyone, especially those who provided moral support or motivation. In addition, personal acknowledgments, such as siblings, parents, children, colleagues, friends, or even pets, can be included.


Acknowledgments Example for an Academic or Scientific Research PaperAcknowledgment for Research Paper (7 Examples) Acknowledgment for Research Paper (7 Examples)

This example of a research paper’s acknowledgments is meant to show how intellectual, financial, and other contributions to research should be formalized in academic and scientific writing.

Acknowledgments Example 1

I can’t thank my professor and the committee chair enough for their patience and helpful feedback. I also was able to do this with the help of my defense committee, who gave me their knowledge and expertise for free.

I’m also thankful to my classmates and people in my cohort, especially my office mates, for helping me edit, giving me feedback late at night, and giving me moral support.

Lastly, I would be wrong not to talk about my family, especially my parents, wife, and kids. Their faith in me has kept me upbeat and motivated throughout this process.

Acknowledgments Example 2

Even if they don’t agree with all of this paper’s interpretations or conclusions, we’d like to thank our colleagues from [Name of the institution that helped fund the research]. They gave us a lot of information and advice that was very helpful.

Thanks should also go to the library staff, research assistants, and people who took part in the study at the university.

Acknowledgments Example 3: 

We’d also like to thank the (Name, Surname, Title, Institution) for giving us advice during this research, and we’d also like to thank 3 “anonymous” reviewers for what they say are their insights. We are also very grateful to (List names and roles) for their remarks on an earlier manuscript version. However, any mistakes are our fault and shouldn’t hurt the reputations of these respected people.

Acknowledgments Example 4

I want to acknowledge the following individuals for helping me with this research project:

Representatives from Nhs England, Historic Ireland, the Society for the Safeguard of Scottish Buildings, and the Sustainable Building structures Alliance for being willing to share their knowledge.

All the conservation officers and heritage team members who took the time to fill out my questionnaire and whose comments and emails were so helpful. In particular, I want to thank the conservation officers who agreed to be interviewed. Also, Alison P., my tutor, helped me in such a good way and always made me feel good about my skills after we talked on the phone.

Jan W. for helping us with his numbers. My husband and kids for being patient and giving me hope.

Acknowledgments Example 5

I want to thank my supervisor, Dr. Andrew R., who helped me with this project by giving me advice and feedback. Also, thanks to my wife, Anna, for letting me spend hours at a time in the office and for giving me advice and a place to talk when I needed it.

Acknowledgments Example 6

We thank The Vanderbilt Doctor Scientist Development Award, the American Roentgen Ray Society Scholarship, and the Vanderbilt Medical Center Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences. They all gave money to make this work possible. In addition, I owe a lot to Dr. Martin Sandler, the Chairman of the Department of Cardialogy, and Dr. John Worrell, the Chief of the Section of Thoracic Radiology. Both of them have supported my career goals and worked hard to ensure I had protected academic time to pursue them.

I’m thankful to everyone I’ve had the chance to work with on this project and others like it. Each member of my Dissertation Committee has given me personal and professional advice and taught me much about scientific research and life. I want to thank Dr. Rick Price, who is the head of my committee, in particular. As my coach and mentor, he has taught me much more than I can say here. He has shown me how to be a good scientist and person through how he lives his life.

The people in my family have been more essential to me than anyone else in this project. I want to thank my parents, whose love and support are always with me in everything I do. They are the best people to look up to.

Acknowledgments Example 7

I want to thank my research supervisors, Professors X and Y, for their patient teaching, passionate support, and helpful criticisms of this study.

I’d also like to thank the technicians in the lab of my department for helping me run the program and giving me the tools I needed.

Most of all, I want to thank my supportive and loving wife, Rebecca, and my three wonderful children, Laurencia, Jacob, and Elizabeth, who are a constant source of inspiration.

Lastly, I want to thank my parents for their help and support while I was in school.


One of the most important parts of writing a report, dissertation, thesis, or research paper is writing an acknowledgment. You can use the examples above, or you can devise your own for your project report.