8+ Examples of Well Written Dedication Section for Your Report


8+ Examples of Well Written Dedication Section for Your Report

A dedication is usually one statement or a short paragraph at the beginning of a book, thesis, or dissertation that gives the work to someone who inspired or helped you with it. It’s a short sentence but it can mean a lot to you.

What is dedication in a report?

Dedication is the author’s way of showing appreciation and respect for people who have been influential in their life. Since the dedication is personal, the people who are named usually have nothing to do with the dissertation topic. However, some authors give a book to a cause or in memory of a loved one.

What’s The Difference Between Dedication and Acknowledgement for reports? 

There are some similarities between a book’s dedication page and the list of people thanked by the author on the Acknowledgements page, but there are also some crucial differences.

Dedications are usually short and only talk about one person. They also don’t have to thank anyone who helped make the book.

The people or groups who contributed to making the book and anyone else the writer wants to thank for their help or support are usually listed on the acknowledgment page.

Examples of Dedication Page8+ Examples of Well Written Dedication Section for Your Report

Below are some samples to help you professionally write your dedication section.

Dedication Page Sample 1

I want to thank my family and many friends for helping me with my dissertation. I’m incredibly thankful to my loving parents, John and Louise Johnson, for their words of support and push to be consistent. 

My sisters, Kate, Jamie, and Rhonda have never left my side. They are significant to me. I also want to thank my friends and church family who have been there for me during this process. I will always be grateful for everything they have done, especially Shelly Myers for helping me improve my technology skills, LaTanja Riley-Hedgepeth for the many hours she spent proofreading, and Ramona Taylor for teaching me how to use the leader dots. 

I want to thank my best friend, L. Jennings, and my wonderful daughter, Cime, for being there for me throughout the doctorate program and for being the reason I could do this work. You’ve both been the best people to cheer me on.

Dedication Page Sample 2

I’m dedicating this project to God Almighty, who made me and gave me strength, ideas, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He has strengthened me throughout this program, and I have only flown on His wings. 

I also dedicate this work to my loving husband, Mike Arasomwan, who has always been there for me and made sure I did everything I could to finish what I started. To my children Charisah (Maama), Joel, and Sophie (Babe), who have been impacted in every way by this journey. Many thanks. My love for you all is impossible to measure. God bless you

Dedication Page Sample 3

This thesis is dedicated to four important people in my life who have meant a lot to me and still do. Even though they are no longer alive, their memories still control how I live. First of all, I want to thank my grandfather, Amadou Seydou, who loved me so much and taught me the value of working hard. Adam, thank you so much; I will never forget you. Next, my mother’s mother, Hamady, who raised me, adored me and taught me to speak Pulaar, my native language. I can’t send her to Mecca as promised, though, because I need more money.

I also want to remember my uncle Massamba Amadou, who was killed by a drunk driver when he was only 24 years old. May you be happy in Paradise. Last but not least, I want to dedicate this to my late little brother Moustapha Seydou, who has left a hole in our lives that will never be filled. Even though you only lived a short time, I will keep your memory alive as long as I do. I love and miss you all more than I can say. May Allah (SWT) grant you Jannah Firdaws.

Dedication Page Sample 4

This thesis is dedicated to my husband, Bruce, who has supported and encouraged me through all the challenges of graduate school and life. I appreciate having you in my life. This work is also for my parents, John and Karen Aaron, who have always loved me no matter what and who have shown me how to work hard for the things I want to achieve.

Dedication Page Sample 5

I want to thank my family and many friends for helping me with my report. First, I’m incredibly thankful for my loving parents. William and Helen Johnson said encouraging things and pushed me to be persistent. In addition, my sisters, Sarah,  Lindsy, and Rhonda, have never left my side.

Dedication Page Sample 6

This study is dedicated from the bottom of our hearts to our wonderful parents, who have given us so much,  who gave us hope and strength when we wanted to give up, and who continue to be a source of moral, emotional, and financial support.

To our brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, mentors, friends, and classmates who gave me their valuable advice. And finally, we dedicate this report to the All-Powerful God and say, “Thank you for guiding us.”

Dedication Page Sample 7

This dissertation is for the ninth-grade teacher who interested me in economics.

For my father, who helped me with everything big and small, and especially for my loving husband, who pushed me to follow my dreams and finish my thesis. To my children Jenny (Maama), Joel, and Sophia (Babe), whose lives this search has changed in every way.

Dedication Page Sample 8

This dissertation is written to honor Jane Smith’s memory. She was the reason I decided to get my doctorate, but she couldn’t be there for my graduation. She will get this.

Thank you to my academic supervisor and the committee for helping me through this process.

Dedication Page Sample 9

I want to dedicate my report to the loving memory of my friend Maya. She was a doctoral student at Columbia with me. She encouraged me to do this study, and she and her husband, Eugene McDowell, helped me with my research over several years by letting me stay in their Washington home when I needed to work in the District. 

Maya’s courage and faith in the last year of her life taught me a lot about friendship and its importance. She lived a good life and was true to her spiritual beliefs by helping both friends and strangers who were in need. She was brave when her death came too soon. Even though she was dying, she was able to finish her dissertation. When I wanted to give up, her example kept me going.


Whether you’re giving a book or thesis to a friend or family member, our examples can help you write a dedication that you and the person you’re giving it to will be proud of.