6 examples of Acknowledgement for Graduation Project

6 examples of Acknowledgement for Graduation Project

6 examples of Acknowledgement for Graduation Project

Acknowledgement pages are usually inserted at the beginning of a final-grade project, which is supposed to be your graduation project, immediately after the table of contents. Acknowledgments allow us to thank everyone who contributed to conducting the survey.

What should be included in my paper’s acknowledgments?

A dissertation or dissertation acknowledgment should thank those who have helped or supported us throughout this journey, motivated and guided us on different steps of our graduation project.

Academically or professionally, Supervisors, Sponsors, and Other Scientists, the heads, the organization, or our institute. Then you can personally thank friends, family, or others who have supported you during the process.

Example 1 for acknowledgment of graduation project:

First of all, Dr.Bhagwan, please. Thank you, Bilal, for your kindness, patience, and care and for making everything easy. He always inspired us and kept us going.

Also, thanks to Dr. Mariam Bounhas, who taught most of the IT courses. Thank you, ECT College. I am proud to be one of his students. It helps me improve my level of education and skills and motivates me throughout my journey morally and financially.

Example 2 for acknowledgment of graduation project:

I want to thank my supervisor, Professor Brian Boyd, for bringing so much experience and knowledge to this project. His high standards enabled me to do my job better. 

I am also grateful to Dr. Jenny He Bilot, who acted as an informal mentor during the graduation project and provided invaluable assistance in my transition from student to academic.

He also thanks Phil Stoneman for his advice on using the software’s text comparison methodology. Ultimately, the methodology was unsuitable for this study, but Phil’s advice was constructive and much appreciated.

Finally, thank the University of Auckland for providing me with a Ph.D. scholarship. With this scholarship, this research started.

Example 3 for acknowledgment of graduation project:Pexels Emily Ranquist 1205651

 I want to express my honest gratitude to the College of William and Mary for making my dream of being a student here come true.

I also thank the Department of Anthropology and the Charles Center for allowing me to write an honors thesis graduation project.

My committee, Dennis Blanton, Dr. Martin Gallivan, and Dr. Scott Nelson, thank you very much for your support and suggestions throughout my project.

The Center for Archaeological Research staff, Gwen Manley, Kimberly Ettinger, and Lois Dietz, have always listened to and encouraged me. Also, Eric Aging and David Lewes for helping me scan the illustrations and format the work.

To all my friends and my family members who have helped me through the stress this year and never let me give up. To my teammates and coaches for supporting me on and off the water. Most of all, I sincerely thank my advisor and director, Dennis Blanton, for his understanding, wisdom, patience, enthusiasm, and encouragement and for pushing me beyond what I could have imagined. 

Example 4 for acknowledgment of graduation project:

Thanks to Shri. Mr. M.K.RAJAGOPALAN, Principal of Bharatiya College of Engineering and Technology Karaikal, for his kind patronage in expanding university facilities for the successful implementation of our graduation project to date.

I express my deepest gratitude to Dr.S.RAVICHANDRAN, Ph.D., President of Bharathiyar College of Engineering and Technology, for his love, motivation, and encouragement.

We thank Dr. J. SAMUEL MANOHARAN, Ph.D., Bharathiyar College of Engineering and Technology, Professor and Chair of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, for all the facilities provided to carry out this project. 


 Mr.M.H.MOHAMED FAIZAL, Assistant Professor, and Mr.S.PRADEEP, Assistant Professor (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,  Bharathiyar College of Engineering and Technology), the project coordinators, provided excellent support throughout the project work. I was.

We want to thank the project leader, R.GANESAN, M.E., (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,  Bharathiyar College of Engineering and Technology. We want to thank our leader for his invaluable support, advice, and encouragement, as well as his excellent and consistent leadership on this project.

We are deeply grateful to all the staff of his ECE department at Bhartiya Institute of Technology for supporting us in every aspect. I am deeply grateful to my loving parents, who have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. I am also grateful to my friends who have played an essential role in our lives.

Example 5 for acknowledgment of graduation project:

Aside from my efforts, the success of this project is highly dependent on the encouragement and guidance of many people. Therefore, we want to thank all who contributed to the success of this graduation project.

President (Ph.D.) Purnima Biswas and our dean. The kind support of Samita Banerjee for granting permission to use all the equipment and materials needed to complete the project.

I am grateful for the guidance and supervision of Instructor Soma Das, who provided the necessary information about the project and assisted me in completing the project.

Finally, I sincerely thank my parents, friends, and supporters who accompanied and encouraged me in this project.

Example 6 for acknowledgment of graduation project:

 I thank God Almighty for giving me the strength, knowledge, and understanding to complete this graduation project after so much hard work, blood and sweat. His love was more than enough to motivate me.

I am deeply grateful to my wonderful supervisor, _____, for his invaluable support, patience, time, and guidance in completing this study. Also, my department head, Dr. ____________, patiently accompanied me until this research work was completed. 

I also want to express my kind gratitude to the lecturer in the ________ department who taught me at one point. May God continue to bless, protect and guide you.

I would also like to thank my teacher, Mrs. ___________, for her tremendous support and advice during _________ of __________. Thank Mr. _________ for his on-site advice during my research activities in my graduation project.

I also want to thank my parents and siblings for their tremendous support, who have been a source of inspiration for my academic pursuits. God bless you. I will never cease to appreciate the support of my friends ________, ________, ______, ________. God bless you



How do you write an acknowledgement for a graduation project?

For all of his/her time and work over the course of the year, our mentor, Mr./Mrs. ______, deserves a special note of appreciation. Your insightful counsel and recommendations were quite beneficial to me as I finished the assignment. I will always be grateful to you for this.