Approval Sheet for Thesis with 7 Examples

Approval Sheet for Thesis with 7 Examples

Approval Sheet for Thesis with 7 Examples 

The academic field benefits from the thesis paper’s improved quality and reputation after receiving official approval. The second page of the document contains the approval sheet.

An approval sheet for a thesis paper is simply a document that the author submits to the academic panel to request approval of the work.

What Is an Approval Sheet?

Different meanings of an approval sheet exist, depending on how you use it. To signal permission to clients, the sheet can, for example, refer to a document with postal stamps. 

Additionally, authors may submit approval forms to a panel to decide whether their research article or Thesis has met the standards. Regardless of how they are viewed, approval sheets are formal documents submitted by those seeking approval from others who are appropriate.

Why Is the Approval Sheet Important?

There is a hierarchy of positions in reality. For example, teachers and students are on different levels. The same is true for both managers and employees. And when those at the bottom of an organization require service to achieve certain goals, they can also require the support of those who belong at the top level. Approval forms are important to certifying Acceptance. And those in charge will decide if they want to accept or reject.

The approval form is also needed for record-keeping purposes. Other people may need evidence that the authorities granted a specific Request. The approval sheet bearing the signatures of the authorized panel will be presented as proof to make the Acceptance seem credible. On a related issue, a party organizer who lacks a signed consent document may be prevented from organizing the event. Thus, it is important to maintain this paper.

Who can design the approval sheet?

The approval document is usually prepared by researchers and presented to the people whose approval is needed. The researcher must develop the approval sheet following the institution’s guidelines if it is an academic setting where strict rules are maintained.

The authority will occasionally send the researcher nicely-formatted sheets as well. They usually do this when the latter has planned to obtain the consent just for formalities.

An approval page contains the following elements:

  • Title
  • degree
  • scrap type
  • committee member
  • date

Example of Approval Sheet 

Approval sheet for thesis example 1

Title of Thesis: (Give the title of the Thesis)

Name of Candidate: John Doe

Master of, 2008

Thesis and Abstract Approved: (*Signature of Supervising Professor___

(Name of Supervising Professor – typed)

(Rank of Supervisor)

(Name of Department or Program)

Date Approved: __

Approval sheet for thesis example 2

This Thesis here to entitled:



Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with a grade of pass on


________________________ ________________________

Member Member

________________________ ________________________

Member Member

Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of



Approval sheet for thesis example 3

We have examined the thesis proposal entitled Thesis Title defended January 1, 2011, by Student

name/s. We are fully satisfied with the revisions made and thus approve the proposal in its current

form. Any changes made between this approved version and the thesis manuscript require the 

approval of the faculty adviser. 

who decide to make material changes to this proposal, the revised paper will have to be re-checked 

before us, notwithstanding the adviser’s approval. In any case, proponents must stress that:

Any changes between the approved and revised versions are attached to the work on a separate sheet.


Panel Chair Name/Date Panel Member Name/Date

Committee Chairperson Committee Member

Advisor Name/Date

Approval sheet for thesis example 4

A one-page description of the type of research proposed or requested should be attached to this form.

A research project involving the value and importance of problems, problems, and methods. To students: Please submit a signed and checked copy of this form to the graduate school before beginning work.

Research. Supervisors and department heads will sign this form once they have read and approved it. 

 A written description of the offer. The Research Training Group will send you an electronic copy of this form.

Department Chair or Graduate Program Chair after signature by the Dean of the Research and Training Group. Student Name: T Number:

(please print)

Student signature:

Approval sheet for thesis example 5

Due to the guidelines to participate in defense in response to COVID-19, the following changes have been made to the approval page signing requirements.

 Departments should continue to use their existing approval page templates.

Only the chairperson is required to sign the page next to their name (see Sample Preliminary Approval Page). See the requirements below for acceptable signature types.

The chair should record on a line next to their name how other committee members participated in the defense (e.g., video conference, conference call, written discussion, etc.). Initials for these subscription lines are not directed. 

A handwritten signature is favored. Electronic signatures are allowed, but signatures typed using signature fonts are not. The approval page requires 50% + 1 signature from the committee. 

Approval sheet for thesis example 6

Reviewed a dissertation proposal titled Dissertation Title defended by a student on 01/01/2011

Name We are happy with the fix and support the idea as it stands

in shape. Changes between this approved version and the manuscript of the paper need approval from the Faculty Advisor. If you decide to make some changes to this proposal, the revised paper should be defended again in front of us, despite the adviser’s consent. In any case, advocate must stress that:

Any changes between the approved and revised versions are attached to the work on a separate sheet.

Manuscript. __________________________________ ____________________________________

Panel Chair Name/Date Panel Member Name/Date

Committee Chairperson Committee Member


Advisor Name/Date

Approval sheet for thesis example 7

Commission signatures are needed for disputes (if asked) and final written work.

To start the process, enter the name and email address (not an alias) of one of the signing roles that apply to your program listed below. Then, signers will receive an email asking them to sign.

 The final needed role is the Graduate Program Manager. It can be one of the following: Arts and Sciences – Mary Ann Haller (anagram), Business – Mary Glick (map8), Education – Melanie Contreras (mec320), Engineering – Bree Risk (brc3)). Once all signers have completed the steps, you will be notified by email that the form is complete. Download and submit the file to the institution.

Please enter your name and email address

Start the signing process.

university student

your name: 

 full name

Your Email:

Please provide information for others.

Signatories are required for this document.

Research Director/Supervisor Pexels Sora Shimazaki 5668794


 full name 


 email address

Thesis co-supervisor


full name


email address

Head of Department/Second Reader


full name


email address

Committee member


full name


email address

Alum manager


full name




What is approval page in thesis?

The signature page is another name for this page. You will always have a blank one in your thesis or dissertation. However, as part of the defence procedure, you will print out this page and get real permission signatures. The signed document must be delivered to the Graduate College.

What are the 5 components of a thesis?

The Five Essential Elements of a Thesis will be covered in the course (issue, contexts, texts, methodology and voice).