How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter in 2022

How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter in 2022

How to Write Internship Acceptance Letter in 2022

As a new or young professional, being offered an internship can be an exciting step in furthering your career. You may develop fundamental experience in communicating, negotiating conditions, and making decisions that comply with your particular needs as you go through the internship offer process. If you receive an internship offer, think about the best way to respond, whether you want to accept or reject the offer.

When to use an internship offer letter

An internship offer letter should be made when your company is ready to extend an offer to an internship candidate formally. The internship offer letter will include important information about the position and the terms of the agreement. This document can serve as the formal agreement between your company and the intern.

How to accept an offer of an internship.

How you accept an internship offer may vary depending on your unique situation and how an organization makes the offer to you. The steps to accepting your internship offer are given below.

In your letter, ask for the offer.

Ask for the offer in writing so you can consider it before accepting the internship. This will give you more time to properly analyze the offer’s conditions and choose whether to accept them.

Prepare a professional letter to accept the offer.

After considering the written offer, consider if you want to accept, defer, or request additional time to decide. Whatever decision you make, you may lay it out in an email and present it formally. If you want to decline the offer, it’s a good idea to respectfully request that the internship start date be shifted to a time that works better for your schedule.

Thank the sender for the offer

Whether you accept or show deference to the addressee, begin your email by thanking them for their offer. This will demonstrate your professional appreciation for their offer and encourage respect in all future correspondence.

Accept or negotiate the job terms.

You can accept the terms of employment, such as the start date, wage rate, and timetable, after thanking the recipient for their offer. Alternatively, you can do so at this point in the email if you’d prefer to bargain or postpone the terms of the offer to better suit your needs.

Internship Acceptance Letter ExamplesPexels Pixabay 261599

Sample 1

Dear [Contact Name]

I am enthusiastic about accepting a marketing internship position at [company name]. I am excited to be part of your award-winning company. I am also looking forward to my first assignment. I am confident and hopeful that I can make a positive contribution to the goals of [Company Name].

As I told you, I will go to your office at 8:30 am on June 1. In the meanwhile, please get in touch with us at 555-555-5555.

 Thank you again for this opportunity!


 [your name]

Sample 2

In your email, start by thanking the recipient for the offer, regardless of their decision to accept or decline. This will help you show your professional appreciation for their offer and show respect throughout your interactions. 3; Hello (name of the person who sent the offer letter),

Thank you for giving me this opportunity! (organization name) sounds like a great organization, and after the interview, I was excited about the opportunity to work in the department (department name).

I am more than happy to accept the position of (Title Name) and look forward to starting on (Official Hire Date).

Please let us know if you need any additional information or documents that need to be completed.

Thank you for your offer. I look forward to being part of your team and contributing to the company. Sincerely,

 (your name)

 [your name]

Sample 3


Head of Human Resources,

(company name),

(company address)

 date date)

Sample 4

 My name is _________ (name). I am writing this letter in reply to an internship offer letter I received from your site recently on __/__/____ (date). I am happy to inform you that I am happily ready to join your company as ________ (intern/appointment) on __/__/____ (date). I am also pleased to see your trust in me and to ensure I remain true to my work.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity. If you have any queries, please contact(insert contact number). Best regards,



(contact address)

Sample 5

 I am very excited about the internship offer at Bright Works Incorporated. I am looking forward to working with the team. In addition, I am looking forward to working on a solar panel project this summer.

I am happy to accept the terms and conditions present in the offer but would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any changes to the start date of this position. I am currently completing a scholarship program at university and will be taking exams until May 27, 2021, so I may need accommodation. Do you have time to chat this week?

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.

I wish you luck,

Laura Collins

Sample 6

Dear Mr. Gladstone,

I am happy to accept an internship offer for a Senior Marketing Agent position. I’ve heard a lot about your company’s accomplishments and am excited to learn from your team. At the same time, we plan to help organizations achieve their ultimate goals.

As we said on the phone, we can join your organization during regular business hours starting August 20, 2021. So exactly 9:30. Finally, thank you for giving me the excellent opportunity to serve your company.



August 12, 2021.

Sample 7



Subject: Acceptance of Internship Offer

Out of respect, I am happy to accept your internship offer for the Senior Sales Head internship position. You can join the company from August 27, 2021, and work five days a week. (If you have any questions, ask them!)

I am looking forward to new experiences.

Thank you very much.




Therefore, an acceptance letter is a formal way to express your willingness to collaborate with them. However, don’t use any informal tone in the letter, even though you should seem enthusiastic and appreciative, because it won’t reflect well on you to the authorities. Therefore, draft the acceptance letter and work on the offer for your ideal internship.


How do I write an internship acceptance letter?

I’m happy to report that you have accepted a position as (Title) in the (Department Name) (Organization Name). The following are your responsibilities and assignments for this position: (brief description or attach job description). On the day you start working (date).

How do I confirm my internship acceptance?

Make sure to begin with an acceptance statement if you’re formally accepting the internship. As soon as possible, let the hiring manager know that you’ve accepted the job. State your start date once more. By confirming the internship’s start date, you may be more transparent about your availability.

How to write a cover letter for an internship:
  • Specify the the position you are applying for.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Include coursework that is pertinent.
  • Mention any applicable abilities.
  • Justify your suitability for the position.
  • What do you believe you would learn from the internship?
  • Before mailing, go over your cover letter.

How do I express my acceptance?

I appreciate your time on the phone with me yesterday. I was thrilled to get your official offer for the position of [Job Title] at [XYZ firm] today. I’m pleased to accept your offer of employment in writing. I’m excited to be a part of your team.