Foreword Samples for Thesis and Report (6+ Examples)

Foreword Samples for Thesis and Report (6+ Examples)

Foreword Samples for Thesis and Report (6+ Examples)

The content provided in the foreword should introduce the reader to the author or work, explain why the reader should read the book, and give the book or author credibility.

The foreword of the preface is to discuss the relationship between the author and his book. Now tell your readers why you care about the book and why you are proud to have the opportunity to recommend it.

What Is A Foreword?

A foreword is a brief introduction written by someone other than the book’s or report’s author. However, if necessary, the author can even write it themselves. Through the writer’s link with the author, whether personal or professional, or the writer’s connection to the subject or region, it provides some insight into both the author and the paper.

An individual might endorse the study’s author and the research by writing a foreword. Therefore, when choosing a foreword writer, an author looks for the “best” person to identify them and their work.

What type of information should be included in my thesis or report?

The introduction to the paper attempts to solve three main tasks called locomotion.

Step 1 Establish your territory (say what your topic is)

Step 2 Establish your niche (indicate why you need more research on your topic)

Step 3 Presentation of current research (hypothesis setting, research topic formulation)

Each movement has a series of stages. You can use one or more stages, depending on what you need to say in your introduction. Table 1 lists the most common introductory phrases to honors papers (color-coded to indicate movement). There are also examples of introductory courses categorized by level and excerpts of example sentences. After looking at Example 1 and Example 2, try the following exercise.

Most paper introductions include some (but not all) of the phases listed below. In addition, there are differences between different faculties and papers, depending on the paper’s purpose.

  • Paper introduction stage
  • It provides a general topic and provides some background information
  • provide a literature review on the subject 
  • Define topic terms and scope
  • outline the current situation
  • Evaluation of the current situation (advantages/disadvantages) and identification of gaps. 
  • Identify the significance of the proposed research.
  • Name your research question/problem.
  • Indicate research goals and research objectives.
  • Hypothesize.
  • Outline the order of information in work.
  • Outline the methodology.

Foreword Samples for Thesis and Report

Foreword sample 1Pexels Artem Podrez 5726794

Rapid advances in agro-food chemistry and the vast amount of research being conducted under the auspices of domestic and international agro-food companies and private companies make interpreting the ever-changing facts a daunting task.

Dr. Innocenzo Muzalpo and Dr. Sabrina Micali’s Agricultural and Food Biotechnology ebook contains many articles that are excellent examples of advanced work applied to relevant problems. The book covers key areas of agricultural science: crop improvement, production, nutrients, pests, disease, genetics, genomics, and the food industry.

The authors’ contributions include variables of quantitative genetic inheritance, crop rotation, soil moisture, and the effects of temperature on the production and manipulation of germplasm. In addition, aspects such as the protection of crops from pests and diseases are also considered while ensuring the protection of human health. 

Foreword sample 2

This thesis was written for a master’s degree in traffic science specializing in traffic safety at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. The theme of this graduation thesis is the scientific behavioral observation of road users. This is a desirable research topic from the pure concept of transportation to human behavioral and habitual characteristics due to its mix of engineering and social sciences.

After thanking Almighty Allah and my family for their constant support, I thank a few people here. First, I am very grateful to my promoter (Prof. or Dr. Stijn Daniels), co-promoter (Prof. in Dr. Tom Brijs), and supervisor (Wouter Van Haperen) for their guidance, reviews, and recommendations. In particular, Wouter worked with me in reviewing this behavioral observational study; with him, this was possible. Furthermore, these people helped me with my research whenever needed. Working with these people has been a steep learning curve for me as it improved my research skills and gave me insight into real road safety issues.

Malik Samad Riaz

August 2016

Foreword sample 3

I started with a degree in Computer Science. After that, I fell in love with improvisational comedy. I somehow became the CEO of Twitter. We live in a world or a place where the yellow brick road has many forks and takes us on incredible journeys. Knowing the final destination of these journeys is getting harder and harder. Gone are the giant corporations that care for us from start to finish. But this is exciting news. It means that you can choose the life you want. You choose this life by doing your best at this moment. 

What I love about James and his book is that you can see that he came down a similar roller coaster – he chose the path to success without knowing the consequences. And what will happen to him after that? Do you know? The key is to be brave at this moment. As James says in the title of the book, “Choose Yourself,” he explains how. Choose yourself now.

Foreword sample 5

First, I am thankful to God, who gave me the strength to complete my thesis. Without His help, I would have needed help to complete it. There are few people to whom I must express my gratitude and thanks for their contributions to the successful completion of this thesis. Finally, I want to express my heartiest thanks to my primary supervisor, Prof. Nasser Sherkati, who greatly supported me in completing my work and achieving success. I will be grateful for his assistance, motivation, and help forever. 

I also want to thank my heads, supervisors, and co-supervisors, Dr. Lindnsay Evettt and Dr. Taha Osmani. I appreciate their lovely comments and encouragement throughout this research work. Thanks to all my friends, relatives, and colleagues who have helped me and exchanged great views at different times that have been important to my progress. 

Foreword sample 5

My junior created this masterpiece of meticulous research, Dr. (name) was created with complete dedication. He has had great success in education before and is new to his research world. The title of his lecture, ‘Parents and Children, ‘ opens new possibilities and perspectives in parents’ minds. And they will certainly begin to understand their child in a new way.

Throughout my career as a teacher and counselor, I have seen the world get busy and realized that children have no parents. I am confident that this work will impact readers’ hearts and improve the world.

 Dr. M Hussein. (Principal and Advisor of HK School).

Foreword sample 6

(author name) and I (guest author’s name in the preface) started with the same goal of solving the evil mystery of poverty. And after reading this piece, I am happy to have found some answers to my long-standing questions. This working name (position paper title) will open the door to new opportunities for young people.

 MK Singh. (requires label).

Foreword sample 7

My entire career has pursued the vision of the book “The One to One Future” by Don Peppers and Dr. Martha Rogers. When this book was published, I was completing my graduate degree in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Biotechnology, and suddenly I wanted to venture into the world of business. So I got a job at a management consulting firm and learned to use data and analytics to build a better customer system. I fell in love with this place and started dreaming of ways to turbocharge these systems and personalize them at scale.


What is a foreword in a report?

Someone other than the author composes a foreword, which explains to readers why they should read the book. The author includes a foreword that explains the history and motivation behind the creation of the book. Readers are introduced to the key themes of the manuscript in the introduction, which also helps readers know what to expect.

How do you write a thesis statement for a opening report?

  • The thesis title page’s format. You must adhere to the normal title page format that your department requires.
  • Abstract. Briefly describe the (1) study question, (2) approach, (3) main findings, and (4) conclusion.
  • The contents page.
  • Figures list.
  • Tables list.
  • Nomenclature (optional).

What is an example of a foreword?

This new book about self-improvement and learning to live boldly was foreworded by Richard Branson: I’ve always loved experiencing new things, and I’ve had the good fortune to do it frequently with my loved ones. I was thus intrigued when Franziska told me about her motorcycle trip down the Silk Road.