Notary Acknowledgement Examples for Different scenarios

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Notary Acknowledgement Examples for Different scenarios

Notary acknowledgment ensures that the person who signed the document is the person that is named on the document. In this case, the notary public’s role is to verify the signer’s identity. On the other hand, notaries are  to be performed just when the signer takes an oath or vouchers.

What is acknowledgement?

The purpose of acknowledgment is for the identified signer to declare to the notary public or public notary that they were willing to sign the document.

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What is a notary?

 A notary is a member of the judicial body responsible for performing oaths and notarization  within the judicial body. In the United States, notaries are appointed by local county courts. The notary’s duties include notarizing signatures, swearing oaths, and providing notary services. For centuries, notaries were responsible for notarizing official documents. They sign a document after witnessing it being signed by a legally authorized person.

Currently, notaries also give notarization services. They take oaths, sign witnesses, and provide legal services as permitted by the law. Notary involvement does not automatically give the contract legal importance. However, notaries should certify certain legal documents or acts, and notaries may certify that the signer signed by the law.

  • Personal acknowledgment – a statement about what you have done.
  • An instrument for the purposes explained therein. The signer must appear in person.
  • They must voluntarily and knowingly sign the document, and the notary must identify them as the person who signed. 
  • The signature can be done before the notarization certification but not after. Note:
  • Documents may already be signed – a notary does more than verify a signature.
  • Determine if the signer is the person who did it.


Sample notary statements are present for the following notarial acts: Acknowledgements Oaths or affirmations, Verification oaths or affirmations (affidavits), Witnessing or attesting a signature, and Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition. A notarial officer who takes the acknowledgment of the record shall analyze, from personal knowledge or satisfactory true evidence of the individual’s identity, all of the following:

 (1) The individual appearing in front of the notarial officer and heads and making the acknowledgment has the claimed identity. 

(2) The sign on the record is the signature of an individual. RONA provides three acknowledgment short forms. The person approving the protocol must appear in person before the notary public. In addition, the person can sign the document before a notary public and certify the document’s signature as their own. 7; Pennsylvania County Dauphin I, Joe Q. Notary, duly appointed and appointed as a Pennsylvania and Federal Notary, solemnly swear (or certify) that I will uphold, adhere to, and defend the United States and Federal Constitutions. He diligently fulfills my office duties. Notary public signature rubber stamp job title

 Notary Acknowledgement ExamplesPexels Mikhail Nilov 8729946

Acknowledgment example 1

– Documents contained in public directories

– Real Estate Documents: Mortgages, Deeds, Satisfaction, etc. State of ___________________

County or state of _____

It was acknowledged before me on ____________ (date) by

(name(s) of the individual. —–



(Stamp) (Signature of notarial officer)

my commission expires: _____

 partners or trustees;

Acknowledgment is a Representative Capacity – Similar to the individual capacity, but the person who

signed the instrument with complete authority and executed it as the act of a person or entity

represented and identified therein. There are many types of representatives, like officers or

agents signing on behalf of the corporation or other business entity;  guardian,  or

personal representatives, and attorneys. 

2 . Notary Acknowledgment Example of Typical Documents:

– Corporate Contract

country of ____________________________

state of __________________________

It was acknowledged before me at ______ (date) by _______ (name(s) of

individual(s)) as



as ________ (type of authority, e.g.,trustee, officer, , etc.) of

_____________ (name of the party on behalf of whom the instrument was

executed). _______________________________________

(Stamp) (Signature of notarial officer)



Title (and Rank)

My commission expires: __________________

3. Notary Acknowledgment example

Verification Upon  Affirmation or oath – This type of Notarization, also called jurat, it is a

statement by a person who takes an oath 

The notary public shall ensure that the signer

Appear in person, raise a hand, verbally swear or confirm the truth, and sign before signing

Notary. A Jurate is a statement made by a notary stating when and to whom an oath was made.

Administration – is not an act of Notarization per se. oath means an oath given

Controlled and signed means that the client has signed in the being of the notary public  

4 Notary Acknowledgment example 

– Application for Marriage Certificate

– Oath of office of elected officials

– Affidavit

– Affidavit

– deposit

Federal State _________________________

Area _______________________

Signature and oath (or attestation) will be done in my presence on ________ (date).

(Name of Reporter) ________________________________________________________________________



(stamp) (signed notary)


Title (and rank)

Commission expiry date: __________________

5. Notary Acknowledgment example Witness or Signing Certificate 

Same as the Certificate, except What the undersigned must sign

before the notary. Such Notarization shows the notary that the signer is personal

Appeared before a notary public, clearly identified by the notary public, and signed before the notary public. 


– consular form

Federal State ______


Signed or notarized in my presence on __________ (date)

(person’s name). ______________________________




(stamp) (signed notary)



Title (and rank)

Commission expiry date: __________________

6. About Notarizing Copies of Documents

 – Notaries can also notarize copies of documents.

Document. The notary public must determine that the certified copy is “complete, true, and accurate.”

Transcription or reproduction of anything that is copied.” In this case, signer says nothing.

If you are a notary public for a document, it is important that the notary public makes a copy of the original or makes a copy.

Watch closely to see if someone else makes a copy. Note: Public records shouldn’t be

copied (i.g. , marriage licenses, birth or death certificates or divorce decrees), nor should documents or

photographs  with the warning “Do Not Copy” on them. 


What is the most common mistake made by a Notary?

The most common accusation of misbehaviour against notaries is failing to demand that signers be present during the notarization.

What are the two most common notarial acts?

The two most frequent notarial acts are the jurat (when the signer swears or affirms before the notary that the contents of a document signed in the notary’s presence are true) and the acknowledgment (when a signer is positively identified by the notary and acknowledges signing a document in the notary’s presence).

Challenge — Scanning or reading the document.
Some Notaries interpret this process as really scanning the document into their computer to create a digital copy because it has been referred to as “scanning the document” at times. Other Notaries believe that this stage necessitates them reading the whole document.

How do you notarize a personal statement?

The Process of Notarization. Usually, notarization is a straightforward procedure. In front of a notary public, you hand over the paper to sign. The notary then adds their own signature, dates the paper with an official stamp, and notarizes it once more.