Commercial real estate in Istanbul: how to invest wisely

    Commercial real estate in Istanbul: how to invest wisely

    Commercial real estate in Istanbul: how to invest wisely

    Turkey is an economically developed state with favorable conditions for various business sectors. Therefore, investing in Turkish real estate is profitable, especially in such a large metropolis as Istanbul. It is not necessary to have Turkish citizenship if your goal is buying real estate in Istanbul, whether it is commercial or residential.

    Investing in Turkish real estate

    Before you buy property in Turkey, study the market carefully. Several main parameters are to be taken into account:

    • The difference between primary and secondary property: cost, technical condition, comfort, quality and reliability of operation.
    • What real estate have been in the most significant demand for the last few years and now.
    • What housing is profitable in terms of renting and reselling.
    • What are the main characteristics that form the price.
    • What “pitfalls” can be hidden in the buying process, etc.

    We recommend paying attention to the active development of the construction industry in Turkey. So, new housing cannot be compared in terms of characteristics with apartments built 20-30 years ago: a completely different level of quality, architecture and design, and the technical stuffing of buildings. This should be kept in mind when choosing a suitable property.

    Is buying property in Turkey a good idea? Undoubtedly! The most important thing is to approach the choice of it competently, check the asset until the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement and turn to professionals for help.

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    Istanbul real estate

    Having received at least a general idea of the situation in the Turkish property market, proceed to the choice of location. There are many places in the Republic of Turkey where foreigners actively acquire liquid apartments. However, the choice depends entirely on your goals, wishes and budget.

    So, Istanbul has been a leader in real estate sales for many years. The main reason for its popularity is that the country’s business life is concentrated here, the main financial flows pass through, and an extensive selection of profitable investment areas is presented.

    Commercial property in Istanbul can be used for your own purposes or rented out to other companies. Leasing offices, retail space, beauty salons and other facilities will allow you to receive a regular and consistently high income.

    Profitable property in Istanbul

    The Turkish real estate market may fluctuate in one direction or another, but the purchase of these properties will definitely be a profitable investment:

    1. Hotels. Istanbul is a popular tourist city, visited by millions of travelers every year. Therefore, the hotel is one of the most profitable investment properties.
    2. The shops. Large and small trade is extremely developed in Istanbul. Renting out retail space brings high returns to owners.
    3. Home office. This type of housing is gaining more and more popularity in Turkey. This is an apartment that can be used as a living space or as a space for work. Home offices are located in a separate part of the building, some projects require a separate entrance.
    4. Restaurants and cafes. Leasing catering facilities brings a good income due to the demand among tourists and residents of the city.
    5. Office rooms. Long-term lease of offices in the city’s business district can bring from 7 to 9% of annual income.

    Also in Istanbul there is an opportunity to buy a piece of land, which can later be used for commercial development.

    What to look for when choosing commercial real estate?

    1. The most profitable investment option is acquiring real estate at the development stage. The advantages of such a purchase are a low price compared to buying a finished real estate, a simple payment plan, a high margin upon completion of construction.
    2. The cost of property in Istanbul depends on the area, location of the property and the surrounding infrastructure. Therefore, spare no expense to purchase a real estate located in a prestigious location. Such property will in fact bring a lot of profit.
    3. There are more development companies in Istanbul.
    4. Choose a builder with a good reputation on the market for many years. Read real reviews about the company, study the information on the site in detail.

    Real estate in Turkey website allows you to use their database of real estate selected from the reliable developers, so that in the end you will be sure of the transparency of the contract, the legal intricacies of the sale and seal the deal following all the rules.