Tips for writing the best motivation letter

Tips for writing the best motivation letter

Tips for writing the best motivation letter

Your mandatory motivation letter (or cover letter) is a crucial component of the application process for a Master’s degree at an overseas university. But how to write motivation to study at University? In any case, why is it so crucial?

Your chances of getting into your selected Master’s program highly depend on how nicely the motivation letter has been written. This application component is arguably the most individualized one. It is suggested to write an original motivation letter for your Master’s course. It is a process that should not involve a rush.

How to begin writing a motivation letter

If you know the letter’s receiver, begin by addressing it to the person directly. If unsure, commence with “Dear Sir or Madam.”

Set the tone in the initial paragraph of your motivation letter. Ensure to grab the attention and provide all the details they need immediately. It’s an excellent idea to describe the course you are applying for crisply. Tell them what motivates you to take up the course. The rest of the letter can focus on the “why” in detail.

The letter must have a personal feeling right away. Try not to be overly general and use cliches when considering how to write motivation to study at University. Attempt to entice the reader as well. Increase the reader’s curiosity while being professional and prevent shocking them.

 Considerations for crafting your motivation letter

● Avoid repeating information previously included in the application – Admissions officers will receive many motivational letters from candidates. If you repeat yourself, it will get boring quickly. Your message must be bolder, more intriguing, or more imaginative.

● Write depending on the specific requirements of the University – Be sure to give priority to interests in your motivating letter that align with the courses offered by the University. Consider how the programs you are pursuing will help you and what drives you to enroll in those courses. Universities typically list their prerequisites on their websites clearly and informatively, along with the traits and qualifications they want in applicants.

● Introduce yourself – Discuss your hobbies and how you feel while participating in activities related to the program. Consider how it has influenced your motivation and mental processes.

● Don’t pretend to be someone else – Always project your identity, tone, and voice. Avoid attempting to be someone you are not to exclude oneself from consideration. In your most authentic voice, tell the things that are real to you. Admissions inspectors can quickly identify these things, so you wouldn’t want to be caught claiming to be someone you’re not!

● Respond to all inquiries — Be sure to address any questions made of you. They must be essential because they were written in prospects, so don’t ignore them!

● Don’t wait until the last moment to write your statement or motivating letter – Allow yourself ample time to compose several drafts before you bring your personality to life. If you do it quickly or in the last few days, you must remember essential details and maintain consistency. At least one month in advance, begin writing your motivational letter. Clearly state your objectives!

Is the motivation letter the same as the cover letter?

While the structure can be similar, there is much difference in the purpose. The motivation letter is drafted for education purposes. You may need it while applying for a scholarship or admission to a university. Simultaneously, a cover letter is used while applying for jobs.

The latter is a complimentary item to your CV and is meant to enhance your educational qualifications. At the same time, the former is communication on a personal level in its delivery method. It is considered the third most crucial document alongside your degree and grades.

A motivation letter can be an excellent way to present yourself better at a university. Universities are looking for students with something more than high scores. These letters highlight the skills and communicative side of a student. You can better your chances of admission with a quality motivation letter.

 How to make your motivation letter stand out?

Are you looking for how to write motivation to study at university? The first thing to learn is that there is no standard format. Here are a few strategies that will help your document stand out.

● Knowing who you are writing to is the ultimate way to hit the nail directly. With this in mind, the writing flow will be in an accurate direction. Also, a letter for a Bachelor’s degree will differ from a letter for Ph.D. For example, a letter for a Master’s degree will present the competent side in the starting and focus on your experiences. Also, a letter for studying abroad will require you to answer more questions than others.

● The best way to ensure your letter stands out is by reading as many examples as possible. Reading only one example and framing your letter is not recommended. Assessing a few letters will give you a general picture and elements for a successful motivation letter.

You can start also start by writing a raw version and scanning it. Compare it with the examples you read to identify the missing pieces. Figure out how you can improve and make changes further. Do not hurry, and be patient.

Do not wait for deadlines and start writing your motivation letter way before. Staring a week or month earlier will cause no harm and ensure a quality document, strengthening your admission chances.

Final Words

Restate your primary ideas and emphasize the letter’s purpose. Convey your interest in the end and express gratitude for the opportunity to do so. Explain why you would make a valuable student choice for the program. Remember to keep it brief, as always.

A motivation letter with the above tips will always be successful. Follow the strategy if you are genuinely interested in securing a position at the desired University for your course. You should honestly believe in yourself and give it a shot.