How to Fix the Device Or Resource Busy Error on Windows?

How to Fix the Device Or Resource Busy Error on Windows?

How to Fix the Device Or Resource Busy Error on Windows?

The “Device or resource busy” error usually occurs when a file has been altered. To find out which files are open, you can run lsof, which stands for “list open files.” 

Once you’ve found the open file, you can delete and reinstall it to fix the error.

Device or Resource busy Linux

When your computer gets a Device or Resource Busy error, it’s frustrating. It can knock your productivity down a few notches. A device or resource busy error can occur in numerous ways, but the most common are:

-A disk is running low on space and needs to be defragmented

-A program you are running is taking too many system resources

-A malfunctioning sound card is causing audio problems for other applications you may have open.

To fix this problem, you have to go through several steps:

1) You should shut down all network connections on the computer. This will eliminate any programs from interfering with your task.

2) If your computer has a manual defragmentation utility, run that first. Sometimes it can pinpoint and fix the problem, especially when there is a lot of background activity.

3) If you are running programs that generate a lot of system resource usage, close these down, so they do not interfere with your task.

4) Try an alternate speaker to see if the problem is solved by changing speakers. This can help isolate the sound card’s malfunction and work with all other applications.

5) If these steps do not fix the problem, you need to contact an IT professional.

Fixing the “Device or Resource Busy” error

When you encounter the Device or resource busy error, it usually means a file is currently open or being changed. To find out if a file is currently open or being changed, run the command lsof

The result should be a message similar to the one below. If the file is open, you can use the kill(1) command to stop the process. Once the process is stopped, you can try deleting the file.

Uninstalling a device or Resource

Suppose you’re receiving an Uninstall a device or Resource busy error message. In that case, it probably means that you have an open file or that another process is writing to a directory. You can use the command ‘lsof‘ to list open files in a directory, and after finding the open file, attempt to delete it.


If you’re receiving a message such as “The device or resource you’re trying to access is busy,” there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. 

First, you can try to reboot the system. Rebooting your computer will resolve the problem and give you a chance to see whether there is a boot-time message about serial ports. 

If it is, you’ll need to watch for the file that runs setserial at boot time to see if it conflicts with anything else.