RTNETLINK Answers File Exists

RTNETLINK Answers File Exists

RTNETLINK Answers File Exists

It indicates that since you are trying to add a new rule that conflicts with an already-existing route rule, you need to remove eth1 as a gateway or route.

To flush or destroy a network device, using the following syntax: sudo ip addr flush dev networkDeviceNameHere sudo ip addr flush dev eth1.


RTNETLINK Answers File Exists is a Linux utility that provides answers to questions that may be applicable to the default settings on your Linux machine. The RTNETLINK program uses the RUN file for answers to many of its queries.

RTNETLINK is a linux utility that provides answers to questions about the network and it does this by checking /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-*. The RTNETLINK Answers File Exists (aka: run-file) was created so that the RTNETLINK program is able to look up common answers in a database file when there are specific queries or errors.

The run file database is stored in 6 files: route, rtstat, rtmonitr, rtclass, rtnetlink_priority and netevent. The database uses keywords to determine what answer should be given when queried by RTNETLINK.

RTNETLINK Answers: File Exists

If you have the RTNETLINK error on your Linux server, you may have static routes that are causing the problem.

You can fix the problem by editing /run/network/ifstate to include the eth you want. Next, execute ifdown eth(n) and ifup eth(n) to change the eth configuration. When done, restart networking to apply the new configuration.


Whenever you try to connect to a network, you may encounter a message like “RTNETLINK answers file exists.” It is normal for your system to print this file if it has a static route set up.

To resolve this problem, you should change the network configuration by running ifdown eth(n) or ifup eth(n). Afterwards, restart networking. If the error still persists, try to close all running interfaces or unload any modules.


If you receive the RTNETLINK solutions file exists error message, then the network is not up. You need to restart your network connection, and the problem will be resolved. The error is most likely due to static routes. To avoid this, mount your root filesystem with _netdev.


If you receive the error ‘RTNETLINK answers file not found’ when trying to connect to your network, you should try the steps outlined below to fix this problem. Static routes are what cause this error.

These messages are printed for each route on your network. Once you have resolved the problem, you should be able to ifup eth0 and start the networking process again. Note that restarting the networking process will not remove the old configuration and will simply apply the new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RTNETLINK Answer File Quick Fix

  1. check-> ip route (if ip route default is other than your required interface then, follow 2d & 3rd step)
  2. sudo ip route del default (delete that default interface)
  3. sudo ip route add default via ip_address dev interface_name (add your required interface like this)

RTNETLINK Answers File Exists IP Route Add

  1. Utilize your usual user account to view the routing table’s current state. netstat -rn, please.
  2. Become an administrator.
  3. (Optional) Clear the routing table’s current entries. Route flush is #.
    Including a permanent route