How widely spoken is English in Chile, Vietnam, and Germany?

How widely spoken is English in Chile, Vietnam, and Germany?

How widely spoken is English in Chile, Vietnam, and Germany?

English is an international language. People often wonder whether some countries speak English or not. Do you also wonder how widely English is spoken in Chile, Vietnam, and Germany? Don’t worry, and we will discuss all the questions mentioned earlier.

Do people speak English in Chile?

Chile is a great country, covering a large land area and having various cultures and climates. Moreover, it has many wine industries also. The country is not tourism-oriented. However, the rate of tourism has increased in recent years. Study shows that people don’t like to visit Chile. However, this trend is now changing, and people come to Chile from different countries. 

But the question is, do people in Chile speak English? Whether the tourists from the UK or USA should visit Chile? Can the tourists get by quickly just speaking English? People in Chile do not speak English generally on a large scale. Moreover, people prefer their native language. They speak the Spanish language overall.

However, only 10% of the population can speak English to some extent.

Distribution of English Speaking Community according to the States

People are not good at English in Chile. Moreover, the English speakers vanish once you leave the primary business and tourist areas. In addition, you can find English-speaking people in the center of Santiago, coastal resorts, and some of the affluent suburbs. However, it would be best to ask younger people below 35 who speak Basic English. However, you can visit Chile being an English speaker. Still, it is not easy as in other countries in Europe where the people speak English considerably. In addition, you can find someone who speaks English sooner or later in the main tourist areas. However, you will not find English speakers very easily in Chile. Moreover, there are some areas in Chile where you can find English speakers easier.

  • Patagonia
  • San Pedro de Atacama
  • Central touristy parts of Santiago
  • Business zones with many multinational companies
  • Upper & middle class areas of Santiago such as Providencia, Vitacura, and La Reina
  • Rich coastal resorts like Vina del Mar
  • Torres del Paine Park   

You can find English-speaking people in the cities above in Chile. Moreover, in hotels and big departmental stores and restaurants in these areas, you can find English-speaking people at least once. However, the tour guides are likely to speak English. Many tourists from neighboring countries like South America visit Chile. However, visitors from America and somewhere else also visit Chile quite often. Chile receives enough tourists from America to accommodate them in main tourist zones. However, you will have much trouble finding an English speaker if you leave the main spots in Chile. You will observe that the English speakers vanish dramatically outside the main spots of the country.

Percentage of English Speaking Community according to the age group

If you are an English speaker, people in Chile do not speak English generally. People under 35 can speak English to some extent. Moreover, the older people do not speak English at all. I suggest you learn some basic Spanish phrases before visiting Chile.

People in Chile are friendly, but you still need to learn some basic Spanish phrases before visiting Chile. Moreover, being an English speaker, you must visit the main areas to find a few English speakers. Otherwise, you will have much trouble finding English-speaking people in Chile. Also, you must hire a tour guide because he can speak English to some extent.

In addition, English is not standard in Chile. Only 10% of people can speak only Basic English. Moreover, only 1 in 10 persons can speak English, generally in different areas. The study shows that only 18,307,925 people can speak English in Chile. You have to learn some Spanish phrases before going to Chile.

Teaching English in Chile

The country does not have a good reputation for teaching good English to its people. However, students learn English in primary schools, but it is not compulsory. Moreover, students don’t speak English in Chile. They do not focus on verbal competency also.

How widely spoken is English in Vietnam?

Unlike Chile, a large number of people in Vietnam can speak English. Moreover, the study shows that more than half of Vietnam’s population can speak English. In this country, you can find English speakers easily. Moreover, 54.8% of Vietnam’s population can speak English. Vietnam is an easy country for you if you are an English speaker because you can find many English speakers in Vietnam.

You will be surprised by knowing that Vietnam was ranked 29th among counties with excellent English language skills in the EF English index. Now you can imagine how many people are there in Vietnam with good English skills. Vietnam follows only 4 countries in Asia, such as Singapore, India, Malaysia, and South Korea. Moreover, it is famous for being the world’s cheapest destination. Vietnam has excellent food and fantastic scenery. Moreover, the buzzing streets make it even more attractive for tourists.

Percentage of English Speaking people in Vietnam

Tourism is getting bigger every year. 8.077 million international tourists arrived in Vietnam in the early 10 months of this year. Tourists love Vietnam because it is cheap and has unique places worth visiting. The reason why the tourism rate in Vietnam is high is because of its language-friendly population. Most importantly, more than half the country’s population speaks English fluently. However, the native language of Vietnam is Vietnamese; still, many people can speak and understand English very well.

In addition, a lot of people in Vietnam can speak English. Study shows that more than 58% of the population speaks English. However, they may not speak English fluently. But you can speak English in Vietnam quickly. Students in Vietnam start learning English from a very young age, so they pronounce words correctly. However, the students in Vietnam don’t speak good English. Still, they can communicate in English.

Is it necessary to learn English before visiting Vietnam?

Generally, people speak Vietnamese in Vietnam, but there is a decent figure that shows many people in Vietnam can speak in English. Students learn English in high and secondary schools for almost 7 years. But mainly, the students do not communicate in English. However, the young and older people speak English nicely. Moreover, people speak English in big cities. You don’t need to learn Vietnamese before visiting Vietnam.

 Many English speakers visit Vietnam from different countries every year, and they are pleased. Also, they don’t have any issues with the language. A lot of Vietnamese in tourist centers speak English. However, it is rare to find English speakers in remote areas. Also, the older Vietnamese speak French than English. But it does not mean you cannot speak English in Vietnam. You can speak English in restaurants, department stores, and many other places. Every 3 in 10 people can speak English in Vietnam. Moreover, if you plan to be an English speaker in Vietnam, don’t worry; you can visit Vietnam easily.

Cities of Vietnam where English is Spoken widely

In addition, people in Vietnam can speak English very well in all the big cities. People can speak English very well in cities like Sai Gon, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh. Generally, over 50% of the population can speak English. However, in rural areas, people do not speak English well. As you can see, more than half of the population speaks English in Vietnam. Also, many of them work in the tourism sector in all huge cities.

  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Da Nang
  • Nha Trang
  • Mui Ne
  • Binh

These all are big cities of Vietnam, and many people speak a lot of English in such cities. So you should visit these cities if you are an English speaker. Although, you can speak English overall in Vietnam except in the rural areas. The children learn English in primary schools also. Moreover, people start learning English at different ages in different parts of the country.

You can visit Vietnam easily without learning Vietnamese because many people can speak English. But very few students can speak English fluently in Vietnam. However, it would be best not to communicate with older people in English; try speaking English with young people.

Can you speak English in Germany?

Germany is also a trendy tourist destination in Europe for English speakers. In addition, the country has fantastic cities like Berlin and Hamburg that attract tourists. Moreover, famous festivals like Oktoberfest attract a lot of British and Americans. But how widely do they speak English in Germany? Can you go to Germany without knowing German? The answer is “Of Course” you can visit Germany using just English. 

Moreover, you can speak English in most regions without having much trouble. Like Vietnam, more than half of Germany’s population speaks English. Study shows more than 55% of the population speaks English in Germany. Moreover, people in Germany are amiable and supportive also. Many people can speak English in Germany compared to other European countries like Spain, Italy, and France. People in Germany can speak fluent English as well.

English Speaking Cities of Germany

English is comparatively more common in Germany than in other European countries. In addition, the Germans learn English in schools. Moreover, the younger generation below the age of 50 can speak English fluently depending upon how often they practice it. People in big cities speak English very well. Moreover, you will not have any trouble speaking English in big cities.

  • Hamburg
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Munchin

In these big cities, you can easily survive using only English without having too much trouble. However, you may find problems in rural areas. Also, Germans appreciate you trying to speak fundamental German. In a few cases, you will find them speaking English fluently also. People in small towns and villages do not speak English as they do in big cities. Most importantly, people above 50 years do not speak English at all. If you are visiting some rural areas, you must learn some basic German phrases to avoid problems.

Percentage of English Speakers in Germany According to Age Groups

In addition, the level of English speakers does vary across the country’s various regions. However, people speak English overall the country. But in big cities, many people can understand and speak English. As you start moving to the rural areas, you will notice that fewer English speakers are decreasing. Moreover, people in East Germany speak English less fluently. In the North-West regions, people speak English fluently. 

Millions of tourists across the world visit Germany every year. Big cities like Bremen, Hamburg, and Niedersachsen receive a lot of tourists. People can speak English quite well in some East regions like Brandenburg and Berlin. In addition, the study shows that half of the country has either a lower or moderate prevalence of English speakers. However, people in the South of the country cannot speak English. Germany is way ahead of its European neighbors. You can visit Germany being an English speaker without having any trouble with the language. Also, you don’t need to learn German before visiting the country.

What are the big cities of Germany with good English proficiency?

English is ubiquitous in Germany overall. More than 55% of the population speaks English. However, people speak English fluently in big cities that are:

  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne


Germany and Vietnam have more English speakers than Chile. You can go to Vietnam and Germany without learning Vietnamese and German. But if you want to go to Chile, you must learn Spanish because only 10% of the population in Chile can speak Basic English. While in Germany and Vietnam, more than 55% of the population speaks English.