What Percent Of Germany Speaks English?

What Percent Of Germany Speaks English?

What Percent Of Germany Speaks English?

According to recent estimates, about 56% of the German population speak English fluently. It sounds better to hear that! Right? Yes, it is good news for tourists visiting Germany. There is a decent ratio of people speaking English rather than their language. If you are a tourist, this news will also please you. According to a prediction, this percentage is more significant than the other countries like Spain, Italy, and France. When you visit Germany and speak to Germans, you will see that people speak intelligible English. Beyond question, Germany for its economy ranked third worldwide. Still, English is essential for any country to rank its economy to a high level. 

English speaking population in Germany

As already mentioned, 56% of the population speaks English in Germany. However, German is the official standard language by the German government. A fascinating fact about Germany is that compared to European countries, it is the only country where 67% of the population can speak English as a foreign language, and 27% can speak two other foreign languages. 

Are the people of Germany able to speak English fluently?

German deliberately learns the English language from the age of 5. They start to learn English from primary school, and the American & British talk shows and TV shows are an integral part of their course work. It shows that every German knows English. The data showed that Germany scored among 10 top position holder countries in the annual study of English. Germany also scored 63.77 ratings, making it an excellent country with high English language proficiency. It showed their interest and courage to; learn the English language. 

The people under 50 have an excellent grasp, speak smoothly, and practice English routinely. Still, the people of age 50-60 prefer their language. In German cities, waitresses, waiters, and transport operators mainly speak English. 

Percentage of Germany and Europe, English speaking population 

The ratio of people speaking English is higher than in the United States like Spain, Italy, France, and even Holland. An estimated figure of the EU population speaking English is 51% less than Germany. One of the most common countries globally is the UK (United kingdom), with 98.3% of English. In Canada, the Philippines, Germany, and France, about 83.06, 58.06, 58.2, and 56% of the population speak English, respectively. 

Country Eligible population English speaker
United Kingdom 64,000,000 98.3
Canada 37,138,500 83.06
Philippines 110,000,000 58.2%
Germany 80,600,000 56
France 65,350,000 39


Major German cities in which English is widely spoken:

We have estimated the total ratio of the people in the country. The most common cities are Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf. Their total percentage is higher than the British cities. In 


If you visit Germany, especially Cologne, there is no need to worry if you know a few essential German words. In the tourist area, the people of this city are so welcoming and speak English more efficiently than the outside area. Even the ticket machines and signs are also in English and Germany. 


It is a well-known city for tourists and the second-largest city in Germany. Young people and professionals in the central city speak English more fluently than in the other areas. The locals can also help you as they also have little knowledge about English, but you should learn the standard terms of Germans. The fascinating fact about this city is that it has about 2000 bridges of rivers and canals that cross the city. You can walk alone and also talk to a stranger without any fear. It is a beautiful city with a blend of historical places. I assure you that a visit to this city will not disappoint you. 


This city is well known among job seekers. It is the land of different international companies like Hewlett Packard, Mahle, Daimler, Bosch, and Porsche. It is not necessary to be German to get a job. English is not very prevalent in this area, but an average number of people speak like professionals. Being English proficient will prove practical to attain a position. 


If you are settling in Germany and your family and looking for the safest place with your secured job, Munich will please you. In this city, most people speak English, and you can find many people with excellent accents. Almost all the job holders, efficient people can speak even at 60 years of age. Most of the tradespeople and locals may not understand English. Munich is the safest city, and the crime rate is lower than the other cities. Munich is the best place in Germany to live and explore new things with a lot of money. 


Berlin is ubiquitous among the tourists, and in this city, all people can speak English. Every person in Berlin knows the basics of English. Even if they cannot speak, they can deliver your message to a person who can give you the answer. However, there is no hustle worry about visiting Berlin. However, you are not familiar with the essential German term. If you are good at English, It is easy to find a job, restaurants, cafes, and visiting spots. For international students, the preferable city is Berlin because once you settle here, you feel at home. It is also cost-effective for the students not only for their academics but also for hostel life. Berlin is also famous among international students for its English and art programs offered by many well-known universities. A disappointing fact about Berlin is that the crime rate is very high. Still, Germany is one of the safest countries globally, and so goes for international students living in Berlin. An exciting story about Berlin is that a German politician visited. He fired a complaint that English is more common in this study than their native language. 


The population of this city is very familiar with English as it is the state of a US military base, banks and business affairs, and national and international centers. Every person can speak and understand here. The foreigners have no worries even though locals are not present around. It is the best place for finance students to kick start their careers. Standard terms sorry/ thank you/ please will help you deliver your message effectively, even to locals. 


It would be best to consider that the ticket machine vending machines are not in English and use only German. The English language is prevalent here. A favorable condition for your long-term stay is that their local administration also uses English, which makes paperwork, residency, and other regular tasks easy for you. 

These are the prodigious and beautiful places of Germany. If looking for a place to visit, you can go through this description and plan to move to your favorite place. Suppose you are searching for a job in Germany, this announcement is for you. Germany provides the best salaries with a healthy lifestyle to its professionals and students. If you keep the above points in mind, you can choose your dream destination. 


Should tourists learn German before visiting Germany?

One of the most critical questions that arise in a tourist’s mind when visiting Germany is whether it is okay to have English proficiency or whether they should learn German?

Well, the answer is straightforward: if you are going to visit Germany for a shorter period, it is enough to have English proficiency. If you plan to stay long-term in Germany, you should learn German as well. Suppose you are visiting the major cities of Germany like Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. In that case, it is sufficient to use English. It is not the rule of any country to visit after knowing their language. You can visit without knowing about the native language. The waiters, owners, and the train announcement are in English that can ease you. However, Germans appreciate you if you know the basic terms of language and try to pronounce them. 

Kind advice to learn German for longstanding stay:

For tourists, it is lovely to use English. However, suppose you are planning to live for a more extended period. In that case, you should learn the German language. English is most common in the above-described cities. Still, when you go towards the villages and local areas, people are less prevalent to English. For a student or a job holder, it is king advice to learn German. There is no harm in learning the language of a country you live in. It helps you in your professional life and social life. 

Is German hard to learn?

It seems that German is a callous language to learn due to its long winding words. Therefore, it is known as descriptive language. However, if you put more effort, it is easy for you to learn only within 3 months. There are plenty of courses available; you can learn them online or through physical classes. Goethe Institute is one of the best institutes to learn german. A simple trick to learning german fast is integrating it into your daily life and practicing it. Another pro tip is that you should also know German norms and morals as language is concise to vocabulary and grammar. 

Tips to learn German Fast:

  • A perfect reason to keep you motivated to learn a language fast.
  • Talk to your native friends and colleagues in German.
  • Practice daily and integrate into daily life.
  • Learn norms, morals, and fundamentals of the German language.
  • Add funny phrases, funny words, idioms, and exciting words to your daily vocab.

When you start practicing the above tips, you will speak German fluently with more confidence. It will open the doors of opportunities for your social life.

The value of the German language:

The German language is the scientific and second most frequently used language worldwide. It is the world’s most meaningful and extensive written work in German, like literature, history, psychology, music, philosophy, physics, chemistry, and engineering. It shows the importance of the German language in the world. 

Concluding Remarks:

The above description shows an interesting fact about Germany that a considerable population speaks English along with their native language. 56% of the population speak English more than the other European countries. Due to its beauty and famous festivals, Germany is most popular among travelers. Despite this, visitors are often worried about whether they should learn German or English enough to visit Germany. If you want to explore the beauty of Germany, it is not necessary to learn German. Suppose you are going to Germany to pursue your career or education. In that case, learning German will help you in your professional and social life. 

The data showed that Germany scored a 63.7 rating, proving its very high English language skills level.