I Hate it When Someone Throws a Walrus at My Grandma.

    I Hate it When Someone Throws a Walrus at My Grandma.

    I Hate it When Someone Throws a Walrus at My Grandma.

    The ‘i hate it when someone throws a walrus at my grandma’ meme was shared in the I hate it meme category. It is not a real-life event but just a humorous text.

    Social media and memes go together perfectly, and both the ideas are about connecting with people over the internet online. Memes are a means to communicate a culturally relevant topic using social media platforms. A meme is an image or video that captures the opinions and feelings of a particular group of people.

    I hate it when someone throws a walrus at my grandma meme

    The “I hate it when someone throws a walrus at my grandma” was first introduced on a Facebook group as I hate it as a meme. It is not based on real-life events, as it is impossible to throw a walrus on anyone, and it is just meme material for people to laugh on.

    There are so many different memes in the category of I hate it memes, and this one is trendy and was shared widely when it first came out. It is also called a “grandma mama” on the Reddit application.

    What is a meme in social media?

    The majority of memes are humorously captioned pictures. There are also a lot of popular video memes, though.

    Memes are a global phenomenon in society and are becoming a key component of viral marketing and online connection. Memes frequently reference current cultures or subcultures. Memes typically spread quickly through forums, email, and social media.

    What Is the History of the Word “Meme”?

    Richard Dawkins, a biologist, is credited with coining the word “meme.” According to Dawkins, cultural concepts are similar to DNA. He believed that as a civilization, ideas multiplied and changed as they traveled from one brain to another. He defined a “meme” based on the following trends.

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    The majority of today’s “memes” are inside jokes. They serve as a means of making connections with people online by using unique photographs that are quickly recognizable. Memes combine feelings, concepts, and behaviors into a simple format to translate manners. Memes are perfect for the internet age.


    The magnificent creatures of the Arctic are walruses. They are some of the biggest fin-footed, semi-aquatic sea animals called pinnipeds. Despite their terrifying size and the fact that they are carnivores, these animals are not violent.

    Size of a walrus, can a human throw them?

    Walruses can grow to 3.2 meters in length (10.5 feet) and weigh between 600 and 1,500 kilograms (1,320 and 3,300 lbs), which means it is now possible for a human being to carry them or throw them. Males often have thicker skin, longer and thicker teeth, and are nearly twice as big as females.

    The appearance of a Walrus and their anatomy

    Walruses are creatures with massive, elongated bodies that taper toward their tails, encased in a web of skin, and broader at the head and neck. They have brittle, wrinkled skin that is often gray or brown and is coated in a coating of sparse, coarse hairs. The Walrus’s skin may be up to 4 cm thick and becomes pink-red when out of the water and exposed to the sun.

    Walruses have two pairs of flippers, which they employ to assist them in moving through the water with incredible agility. Their bodies are pushed by their back flippers, while their front flippers help to guide them.

    On land, they move awkwardly on all fours while curling their back flippers at right angles below them for more balance. These giant animals are kept from slipping on the ice thanks to the rough, knobby skin on the underside of their flippers. Walruses have long tusks, which are their extra-long upper canines, which they utilize for digging into the ice to haul their massive bodies out of the water and fight.

    Lifestyle of Walruses

    The extremely friendly Walrus lives in vast groups on ice that can include thousands of individuals and are typically made up of females (cows) with their young and a few dominant males (bulls). These massive herds split into smaller bands of as few as ten animals when they withdrew under the water to feed, so there was less competition for food. 

    Male walruses weigh roughly twice as much as females and have much longer tusks, which may reach a meter length. These tusks are primarily used in battles over the most desired breeding locations and the females who live there with competing males.

    The two air pouches in their necks allow them to quickly and noisily create a range of vocal sounds, including powerful screams during the mating season.

    Relationship between Walrus and a human

    Since they are known to show intelligence, reproduce slowly, and care for their more delicate offspring for a long time, locals have long believed walruses and humans share many similarities. 

    In addition to being killed for food in their home nations for thousands of years, walruses have been targeted more recently for the ivory in their tusks, which is thought to be second in size and quality only to that of elephants. Walrus populations have been destroyed by widespread hunting, especially in some locations, but rising pollution levels also have a terrible impact on wild populations.


    While traveling in the spring, female walruses give birth to their young calves. The mother gives birth to a calf after a 15 to 16-month gestation period. Twin births in walruses are pretty uncommon.

    The calf can swim from the moment it is born. It will swim beside its mother for the first three years of its life. The male calves will leave to live with the male herd when they are 3 years old. The male will begin to mate around age 15. As soon as they turn 5 years old, females begin to reproduce. Walruses have a 40-year lifespan.


    You cannot carry a walrus, let alone throw it at your grandma or someone else. ‘I hate it when someone throws a walrus at my grandma’ is just a meme predicting a bizarre google suggestion for humorous purposes.

    Walrus are great gigantic sea animals from the arctic and are not seen or available in other parts of the world by humans.