I Hate it When Jesus Rides a Velociraptor.

    I Hate it When Jesus Rides a Velociraptor.

    I Hate it When Jesus Rides a Velociraptor.

    The “I hate it when Jesus rides a velociraptor” meme originated from Google’s funny autocomplete suggestions. The meme has been shared globally and is one of the most known ones in the I hate it meme category.

    By automatically finishing your search, Google generally tries to predict what you could be looking for. They achieve this by using data from other people’s previous searches.

     Jesus rides a velociraptor.

    Jokes linking a velociraptor with Jesus Christ are done either by photo-shopping a raptor’s face onto Jesus’ or by having Jesus connect with a raptor—are referred to as “raptor Jesus.” In the middle of the late 2000s, 4chan was where the joke gained the most popularity. It belongs to the “lol Jesus” meme group.

    Spread of the meme “I hate it when Jesus rides a velociraptor.”

    Its Uncyclopedia article, which stirs up biblical-style history about the character, has significantly impacted the spread of Raptor Jesus memes on the internet. 

    The page provides details that when God was just a youngster, Raptor Jesus used to walk the Earth. Because God was angry with the Romans for participating in the death of His son, it is believed that his execution is what led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. He was documented in Encyclopedia Dramatica as well.

    Who created the raptor Jesus meme?

    In a post from the DeviantArt username as Devious Derek on January 19, 2006, Raptor Jesus’ post made its first appearance.

    DeviantArt is an online artistic community focusing on user-submitted artwork curation and user participation. The website’s content is divided into various genres: literature, comics, flash animation, cartoons, digital and traditional art, photography, film, and animation. In addition to displaying artwork, the website also has a form where users can discuss their work and an option where users can tutorial access links and study materials for artistic approaches.

    History of DeviantArt

    In 2000, DevianArt was first launched by Angelo Sotira, Mathew Stephens, and Scott Jarkoff. It was introduced as a part of a widely known network called Music, which consists of Music related websites and blogs.

    DevianArt was created as a platform where specially made application skins would be uploaded and distributed. After the platform’s success, it soon gained popularity among its users and attracted a large following and a group of unpaid moderators.

    After being consistent in its progress, the website was shifted from focusing just on application skins to users who could upload their artistic work on the platform under its art community which was put out by one of the website’s co-founders. 

    The idea was to let people upload their artwork on the platform using a creative commons license provided by the website. Artists could show their work to the users and let them share it. Many of the Co-founders who were there at the initial time of the website continued working for the platform’s development and promotion.


    • Members or non-members, anyone can get access to artwork uploaded by the artists.
    • There is no restriction or limit for artists to upload their work. Unlimited artwork can be shared and uploaded on the platform by the users.
    • Artists can create and customize their profiles to interact with their fans and introduce themselves.
    • Users can also make money by selling copies of their artwork, with 20% of the sale’s profits going to the user. Users that have premium accounts can receive 50% of the earnings.

    Google Suggest

    The Google search engine’s autocompleted option Google Suggest offers its users recommendations as they type their search terms into the search field. Google Suggest debuted in 2008 and 2009 in the US and Germany. The benefit is that the user doesn’t have to run a new search and may easily find the desired search result.

    As you write in the Google search box, the page sends the information to servers running in the background, suggesting multiple ideas to phrase the search.

    Regarding adult content and pornography, copyrights, and promoting violence, Google maintains very strict rules. This may result in the Google Suggest feature is temporarily disabled.

    Google Suggestion as a Meme

    Google suggests it became a funny meme content when  “Top 10 Funniest Google Suggest Results” was the title of a post that Mashable published on August 11, 2009.

    Ezgif.com Gif Maker 51 1

    College Humor also published a parody image of search box suggestions, including ones that made fun of the searcher.

    Oddee, a blog posting platform, posted an article about “20 Bizarre Google Search Suggestions” on January 6, 2010.

    What is raptor Jesus’ History?

    The Gospel of the Mesozoic Era claims that during a scaling phase experiment, the teenage God created giant, heavy reptiles to populate the Earth instead of creating beings in His image. 

    Dinosaurs, although they called themselves “Giant Awesomes,” did not keep written records, so until modern technology made it able to read their fossil minds, no one knew what they were called. At first, the dinosaurs went wild, eating one another, destroying homes, and generally causing chaos in the environment. 

    When God’s mother learned that He had created the world, she forced Him to clean the mess he caused before coming home. God made Raptor Jesus because He was unwilling to enter His world.

    God had gotten tired of reptiles by his early twenties. Raptor Jesus had converted the whole dinosaur population with his good intentions, respect for other reptiles, and fantastic water walking abilities. God destroyed the dinosaurs by destroying the planet with a massive asteroid because He thought His game had become incredibly dull.

    Because God was furious with the Romans for aiding in the death of His son, it is believed that his execution led to the dinosaurs’ extinction.

    Few people today can argue the proof that Raptor Jesus once walked the planet. Those devoted followers of Raptor Jesus started fighting and clawing each other to pieces after His extinction.


    A meme called “I Hate It When Jesus Rides a Velociraptor” was created from many blog posts about hilarious Google autocomplete results.

    Because Raptor Jesus is a meme, please don’t take him too seriously; instead, have fun with him.