I Hate it When Voldemort Uses My Shampoo.

    I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo.

    I Hate it When Voldemort Uses My Shampoo.

    The ‘I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo’ is just a meme from google bizarre autocomplete suggestions. Voldemort was a strange character and a major one in the Harry Potter books.

    Lord Voldemort is probably the most questionable character in the Harry Potter series. He has flaws, and J.K. Rowling purposefully created him that way. He does, however, display several strange features that don’t make any sense.

    The ‘I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo’ Meme

    You know you are bored when you use the Google search bar to entertain yourself by entering words to see what the auto-correct tool suggests in the search box option. If you’ve tried typing “I hate it when,” you can get bizarre results like “I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo.”

    This Meme makes it evident that we are baffled by this search option. This search engine suggestion is the most absurd thing ever. Is it because Voldemort is bald unless that is the absolute joke? Why would someone ever enter this into Google, and under what conditions? The internet is still the world’s most silly and confusing thing.

    After performing some research into this bizarre online space and its weird google search result, we discovered the idea that Voldemort might have used someone’s shampoo has no history indeed and is only a weird internet thing that appeared one day out of thin air.

    The look on Voldemort’s face in this picture makes it clear that he is equally confused as the rest of us. He knows better than anyone that shampoo will not affect his bald head!

    Why can’t Voldemort use shampoo?

    Voldemort can’t use shampoo because he is completely bald, which means he has no hair on his head. He is believed to be bald, so that the Polyjuice potion wouldn’t work on him from the books.

    The Polyjuice Potion requires a small portion to impersonate a person; thus, things like finger and toenails would work. People prefer using hair because it is the simplest to obtain and is seen as less gross than a toenail. We don’t believe Voldemort ever intended to be bald.

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    Because of his Horcruxes, he is bald. He already lacks a nose—a human nose—having two snake-like slits in place of one, and even that was the result of Horcruxes.

    You can still create a polyjuice potion without using a person’s hair. You don’t have to obtain just the hair.

    Who was Lord Voldemort?

    In the world of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort seems to be the character that nightmares are made. Few villains were as terrible as Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. His reputation alone was enough to frighten witches and wizards worldwide, and few people who faced him survived to tell the story. His powers ultimately destroyed him, but he killed quite a few people while he was at the top. Despite his reputation, the Dark Lord still has a lot of mystery surrounding him.

    Tom Riddle was a half-blood wizard regarded as the most dangerous Dark Wizard of all time. He became Lord Voldemort later in life.

    The most gifted student to ever attend Hogwarts was Tom Riddle. He gave off the look of being a very handsome and well-behaved child to the rest of the school. But in truth, Riddle was nasty, arrogant, cruel, cunning, psychotic, and self-centered. Riddle graduated from Hogwarts with high marks on every exam he took, then worked briefly at Borgin and Burkes before entirely disappearing from the public eye.


    Tom Marvolo Riddle was a tall, attractive man with pale skin, jet-black hair, and dark eyes. As he became older, Riddle’s good looks got better, and he skillfully used them to seduce many of the Hogwarts teachers.

    He lost his handsome face as he engaged himself more in the Dark Arts, his features became waxy and strangely deformed, and his complexion turned very white. His eyes had a continuously bloodshot appearance in the whites. After he recovered his body, Voldemort was said to have pale white skin, a thin body, and dark red eyes with cat-slits-like pupils. He had nostrils that looked like snakes and a chalk-white face that looked like a skull.

    Use Of Magic

    Lord Voldemort was regarded as the most dangerous Dark Wizard to have ever lived, and he showed his ability to fight with Albus Dumbledore, wielding an Elder Wand. According to Voldemort, he did experiments and stretched the limits of magic further than anyone had ever done.

    He can interact with animals, command, and harm people who disagree with or annoy him. Even when he was young, his powers and control made him a phenomenon.

    Dark Arts Master

    According to legends, the world’s most skilled expert of the Dark Arts was Lord Voldemort. In addition to creating Dark spells, hexes, poisons, and jinxes, he is an expert in the most advanced and secret forms of Dark magic addition to creating Dark spells, hexes, poisons, and jinxes; he is an expert in the most advanced and secret forms of Dark magic. 

    In addition, Voldemort was an expert user of all three Unforgivable Curses. He had a particular fondness for the Killing Curse and is believed to have used it when still a minor, having killed enough people to produce a whole army of Inferi. He could cast several deadly curses, and after Albus Dumbledore rejected his application for the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, he did so.

    He Could Fly

    Through a flying spell, Voldemort could fly freely without any help or support, breaking the magical law that states that only things can fly.


    We give Voldemort credit for being the original hipster and for starting trends that have lasted into the modern era, even though no one else will recognize his revolutionary ways.

    Lord Voldemort was a character who played as a master of dark arts and magic in Harry Potter. Due to his strange appearance, he is subjected to many memes. Also, he didn’t use anyone’s shampoo in his life, as he was bald.