Light Language, Sacred Geometry, and the Akashic Records

Light Language, Sacred Geometry, and the Akashic Records

Light Language, Sacred Geometry, and the Akashic Records

Light Language is a spiritual practice that shifts your energy to higher octaves. It triggers the gamma state in the brain and activates dormant portions of the DNA to increase your mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity.

This heightened state provides access to wisdom and regeneration. It also activates your third eye and reminds you of your true soul essence, mission, and power. So, in addition to activating your chakras and clearing your energetic blockages, Light Language helps you remember your purpose, power, and true soul essence.

Yvonne Perry

Yvonne Perry created light language transmission through mystical sounds using a Yamaha synthesizer. These sounds create mental images and a connection to the realm of other beings. In addition, the sounds evoke feelings of tender compassion and loving support. These are all aspects of the light Language that can be used to connect to your higher self and connect with other worlds. Yvonne Perry uses these sounds to help you make connections and achieve healing.

The concept of light Language is not new to the spiritual community. Many healers use it. In Yvonne Perry’s book Light Language Emerging, she details the multidimensional aspects of soul integration, ascension, and light Language’s role in restoring all creation. Using light language can help you integrate your Soul and move in synchronization with Spirit and bring about the restoration of all of creation.

Riya Loveguard

Riya is a Starseed, 5D Brand Strategist, and Light Language activator. Her Soul mission is to help equip other Starseeds. As a result, she is known as “The Galactic Linguist,” as she speaks multiple extraterrestrial light languages, including those of ancient civilizations. She has a solid connection to the Earth’s Starseeds and channels ancient civilizations to help them awaken their dormant potential, discover their divine mission and claim their unique superpowers.

Known as a 5-D business mentor, Riya uses the principles of energy work to help others discover their soul mission and life purpose. She integrates energy work with business strategy to create a profitable business. One of her methods is using the Light Language technique, an energetic technique she teaches to clients to identify and release trauma and dissonances. It is a potent spiritual modality. It is a tool that can be used to help you heal from past traumas and achieve personal and professional success.

Like any other skill, learning the Light Language is not easy. As a result, many people fail to tap into their potential. This is because they are unaware that they possess the ability to channel external energies. In reality, this ability has been dormant in us since we were babies. It can come directly from our Higher Self or through a temporary connection with energy. In addition to guiding others through the process, there are several methods for activating the Light Language in person.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a language of light and the foundational structure of the universe. Its patterns and structures are evident in everything from DNA, atoms, and crystals to mandalas and hieroglyphics. Light is a form of sacred geometry, and when we experience the Language of light, we have the chance to receive a powerful sacred gift. Learn about sacred geometric shapes and how to access them.

The seven sacred geometric shapes compose our reality. By recognizing these shapes, we can use them to help us co-create our reality with Source. In addition, these seven shapes blend to provide our reality with a transformational, emergency, and other shapes. As a result, they have the potential to influence our daily lives, including our relationships. By learning and using Sacred Geometry, you can access its transformative powers, enhance your life, and attract more clients.

The shapes and colors of Sacred Geometry emit messages and essences, just as shamans communicated with the Higher Realms through Light Language. These shapes manifest on the physical earth plane based on their shape and intent. A 49-shape Light Language grid can attract supportive energies to manifest your goals and desires when used with intention. Sacred Geometry is an effective tool for manifestation.

Sacred Geometry is the light Language that originated with the Mayans. It is a language of shapes, colors, and sounds. It can help you manifest whatever you want to and heal any disease. The vibrations of these symbols can raise your consciousness to Unity. It is the Language of Lightworkers and is a potent healing modality. It can transform your aura and the way you interact with your reality. If you’re ready to use this Language, contact Jelila for a consultation.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the memory codes held within the light body. They are multidimensional extensions of the Soul and are potent linkages between the many aspects of self, including past lives and higher dimensional modes of existence. The Akashic Records light Language helps to awaken the Soul and align the deepest parts of ourselves, which contain the codes of creation. This session will also help to balance the chakras and clear the energy field.

It is a spiritual record that contains the blueprint of our Soul’s plan. The Book of Truth is the gateway out of illusion. Using the Akashic Records, we can unlock the innermost part of ourselves, which leads to a life of joy, peace, and abundance. The Akashic Records contain the blueprint for this. By gaining the Akashic Enlightenment, we can access this knowledge and experience a life of freedom, abundance, and peace.

The Akashic Records Light Language helps people access memories and recall information about past lives. It bypasses the human analytical mind and activates knowledge from the Higher Self. This is the most effective way to access Akashic Records and connect with your Higher Self. It helps you to heal on all levels, from the physical to the etheric. It is a powerful healing tool and helps anchor new changes in the physical realm.

Soul’s multidimensional connection

There is no “one” Soul, but many Soul Groups and over-souls participate in the Earth experience. Each Soul Group has its over-soul, and it can subdivide into 144,000 over-souls, which then create twelve souls and twelve soul extensions. As you might already know, Soul-Extensions are subdivisions of consciousness that allow you to connect with physical vehicles. Of course, it would help if you were within a certain distance for Soul-Extensions to connect with them, but they can drive up to 44 billion incarnate entities on Earth.

In a Multidimensional Universe, every Soul was created in the state of perfect natural love. This state is now called the sixth sphere. Damaged souls must be accommodated in the lower spheres. Souls that have not incarnated remain in their pristine state in their Soul Universe. Souls drawn to Earth, however, are affected by the environment on Earth and start a rapid decline in their soul condition.

During our lives, our Soul threads follow the possible life paths—our soul experiences every life path, accumulating every experience in higher consciousness. 

Our Soul is connected to a vast number of different dimensions. We can access these other realms as we progress in our multidimensional life. In addition to the Earth, we are connected to the Angelic realm and the Celestial body. Our Soul connects to a planetary mind matrix through our race consciousness. These higher dimensions are our most significant sources of inspiration and motivation. They are our guides and help us connect to our core frequency.