Sacred Geometry and Sacred Tongues | Language of the Light

Sacred Geometry and Sacred Tongues | Language of the Light

Sacred Geometry and Sacred Tongues | Language of the Light

The language of the light, or the understanding of the spirit, is paramount to human creation. In order to evolve and create a sustainable civilization, we must be mindful of our souls and sacred geometric patterns that lay at the core of our lives.

Sacred geometry does not only have a spiritual meaning but can be seen in different dimensions. As such it is in every aspect of life and movement within any sphere. By understanding how geometry impacts us we are able to relate this information with creativity, intuition and coherence when communicating with oneself as well as others.

Sacred geometry is an ancient tradition that links us with the universe and the divine. It can be understood in our every day lives and has been used to create magic, spells, architectures and our cities.

Light Languages are a unique way of communicating that initiates healing and inherent wisdom. This form of communication reveals the hidden information threads in your DNA. They help you awaken to your divine nature.

Sacred Geometry and Sacred Tongues Language of the Light Summary

Sacred geometry is a form of art that has been linked since the beginning of time by those who understood the language of the divine. For example, the first use of sacred geometry was used by the shamanistic practitioners in order to create spells for good fortune or protection from their enemies.

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Through magic symbols were inscribed on walls and floors from which they would cast spells on others. When using magic one must consider how they are directing energy towards a particular aim that is directed towards oneself or others. By understanding how the universe works, and how we are connected within it, we can maintain balance in our everyday lives as well as keeping us on track with our own evolution.

These spells can be used for attaining mastery over one’s life, enhancing creativity or intuitive abilities, attracting wealth, luck or love into one’s life and increasing one’s overall well being.

One way to enhance the communication process is through meditation. Through meditation we are able to access our inner consciousness and focus our thoughts on what we want. When someone is focused they are able to direct their thoughts with greater power so that they can influence those around them.

By meditating we are able to connect ourselves with the universe and all things while allowing the ego to drop, thereby enabling us to create a more honest interaction with others.

Once you have reached an elevated level of consciousness, you will then be able to tap into your intuition or inner voice in order to discern where your next steps take you. Once this stage is reached all possibilities are available for you by understanding how one’s life fits within the world at large.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe, and understanding it involves opening the Sacred Chambers of the heart. These chambers integrate our cerebral hemispheres and activate our Pineal Gland, which in most people has limited functions. When we understand these sacred patterns, we have a direct line to eternal truth. If you are seeking to learn how to use Sacred Geometry to help you navigate life, you should take these steps:

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that is both powerful and practical. It structures everything, including relationships, health, prosperity, and prosperity. It forms our aura and determines the spiritual resonance of anything or anyone we touch. By laying down grids that reflect Sacred Geometry symbols, we can change the energy of a healing space, an entire region, or even a group. You can learn more about the language of light by exploring Sacred Geometry.

The ancient Mayans understood the language of the light as a cosmic conversation. It transcends the spoken word and is therefore referred to as sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is composed of color rays and geometric dimensional shapes.

All creation comprises sacred geometry, and these patterns carry frequencies. Each combination of these particles is unique, and each one has a specific message. In addition to the codes and meanings of sacred geometry, a light language is an invaluable tool for ascension.

Sacred Tongues

The practice of Sacred Tongues is not new. Thousands of years ago, the Buddha practiced the ancient practice of speaking in tongues. Today, many people who practice it find a spiritual home in South Africa, Asia, and Islamic mysticism. In addition, various shamans accommodate this practice and may engage in it in their religion. Sometimes, tongue-speakers may find a spiritual home in local cults or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In the practice of Sacred Tongues, people engage in inter-dimensional communication and healing. These messages are sent from a Higher Self or a higher frequency. When these messages are interpreted, they help the individual activate and release dormant body parts and expand their telepathic channels. In addition to that, they connect with their soul essence and mission. They also help people remember their true essence and power.

The early church considered the gift of tongues to be a gift given to empower the church and bear witness to Christ’s resurrection. Paul described this gift as a privilege that no one should reject. He commanded people to seek the gift of tongues and not to let anyone prohibit it. He also said that those who want to speak in a tongue should do so earnestly. The apostles believed that tongues were the language of the Spirit and that no one had the right to prohibit it.

Sacred Codes

Sacred Codes are the language of light and are an excellent way to access the mystical qualities of creation. We are all made of light, and we can access these qualities through the language of light. The language of light is a form of living geometry and is connected to all expressions of life, including the human form. For example, the Flower of Life is the symbol that is created when the cells divide. Therefore, the Light Codes may be seen as geometrical shapes or sacred geometry.

The language of light is expressed through glyphs, physical pulses, mudras, and spoken words. It helps us access universal information and enhance our DNA. Light Languages are universally pure and have no direct translation. They work through our hearts. They are as profoundly engaging and powerful as the art of Sacred Circuitry. These languages are often regarded as a way to connect to your higher self.

Light language is a way to communicate with the Creator, Universal Intelligence, and Prime Teacher, bypassing human logic’s limitations. Using this language is like expressing yourself in an angelic voice. It is the vibration of infinite love. Light language is a universal ancient eternal language. Through its use, we can remember our true potential. So, if you are wondering if Light Language is a language that can be used to connect with the Creator, we can begin by learning to speak it.


If RNA is the language of the light, then the first signaling molecules in the RNA World may have looked like sensors. Early signaling molecules may have regulated fundamental processes. These signaling molecules were perhaps also used as seeds for developing DNA genomes. The RNA World’s signaling compounds may have evolved from the earliest life forms. They could have served as the precursors of DNA, and then they could have been used to communicate between organisms.

RNA is written with the four standard nucleotides A, G, T, and C. Each of these nucleotides comprises a single or two different words, called RNA words. The RNA language has the potential to make up to 128 discrete words. Several types of RNA molecules are synthesized, which makes them exceptionally versatile. RNA molecules are remarkably complex, and the cellular responses they can trigger depending on their chemistry.

RNA silencing has many uses. In a cell, siRNA triggers gene silencing by detecting a sequence of endogenous genes. It may also be triggered by an environmental parameter, such as light intensity within physiological ranges. In a recent study, the French scientists Francois Jacob and Dominique Lacroix used a riboswitch to diagnose HIV and AIDS, for example. Previously, it would have taken decades for a vaccine to be developed.


Attunements bring in the natural ability to work with the frequencies of the Light Language. They can be beneficial to anyone who is ready to integrate back into their Divine nature. They can also help to heal and transform any non-divine aspects of their consciousness. There are many reasons to have an attunement, including spiritual alignment, awakening to your true purpose, and transcending duality. However, no one should go about this process without the help of a knowledgeable teacher.

One of the benefits of Akashic Aura Attunements is that they awaken your cells’ cellular knowledge of your Divine Self. They prepare your physical body for higher energies, as they allow you to access the Akashic Record or the Book of Truth. Akashic Aura Attunements help you access this knowledge from the Source Frequency and avoid the square peg problem.

The Light Language is a multidimensional language that speaks directly to your DNA and energy. This language breaks through any old negative beliefs that you may have. It aligns your physical body with a new frequency of unconditional love. It also comes with Sacred Geometry, which helps you activate your vibrational signature and align with your soul journey. The benefits of attunement to the Light Language are profound.


Activation language of the light is used to increase the frequency of the body and evident emotional, mental, and physical distortions. Activation language of the light also expands consciousness and awakens multidimensional DNA, allowing for expanded wisdom and regeneration. These techniques activate dormant portions of the DNA and open the third eye. They bring the person closer to their Higher Self. Activation language of the light is the key to reclaiming your authentic self and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The Activation language of the light is an ancient language expressed in speech, song, dance, and gesture. It is a language of the light that can awaken your soul’s potential and facilitate ascension. Various symbols are accessed through this language and can unlock the Akashic Records. Each symbol has its specific healing and activation potential. If you’re a student of the language of light, you may be drawn to a particular symbol, word, or combination of symbols.

Activation language of the light allows you to work with your Higher Self through your inner guidance. You can use one language or multiple languages. The Light Codes used in transmission may be angelic, extra-terrestrial, or a combination. Different people may experience different versions of Light Language, depending on their own experiences. Some people may feel an instant message, others will feel an overall concept, and others will never experience it. Either way, these Languages are potent healing tools.

Meaning of Symbols

The Meaning of Symbols in the Language of Light is an intricate combination of geometry and light information that conveys messages to the soul and Lightbody in a profound, mythical way. The ancient writings of the ancients also used symbols that depict different emotions and convey messages from one part of the universe to another. Symbols in the Light Language can convey everything from love to balance and blessings to emergency signals.

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Symbolic images can be based on nature, culture, and religion. For example, the red heart symbolizes love in almost every culture, while the house represents life. A newborn baby is often associated with the beginning of something new. The Meaning of symbols in the language of light may differ in various cultures, but they all share a common theme. Here are some examples of how these symbols are used. This article will give you an overview of the most common symbols and their meanings.

Symbols can create imagery and add a visual element to your work. They can also serve to connect themes and ideas within a piece of literature. In addition, many writers use symbols to give their works an emotional effect, giving the work an added level of thematic and entertainment value. And, of course, the Language of Light uses symbolism extensively. The Meaning of symbols in the Language of Light includes both abstract and concrete symbolism.