Top Languages Essential for Business

Top Languages Essential for Business

Top Languages to Learn for Business

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, employee, or still a job seeker, learning a language other than your native language is essential. There are thousands of languages and cultures in the world, and being vast in more than one language gives you an advantage.

More so, fluency in different languages offers great benefits professionally and personally. Personally, language learning boosts your cognitive function, among other things; professionally, it exposes you to myriads of career opportunities.

In this article, we will give you the top languages that are essential for business and that you can learn. We will leave out English in this list because fluency in English goes without saying if you want to excel in business.

However, aside from English, other languages are crucial for business; there is a high demand for multilingual employees. Thus, buy Bitcoin at Paybis (or not) and enroll in a course that will teach you any (or all) of these languages.


About 543 million people and twenty countries speak Spanish, making it the fourth most spoken language in the world. Fluency in Spanish gives you access to the sixth biggest economy in Europe, Spain, with its myriads of large sectors.

However, beyond Spain and Europe, speaking Spanish opens you up to opportunities in other continents. For example, most countries in South America have Spanish as their official or de facto language.

Furthermore, fluency in Spanish opens doors of opportunities for you in North American countries like Mexico and Panama. With sound knowledge of Spanish, you can communicate with companies’ internationally-growing customer base more effectively. There are many amazing language learning apps like Duolingo where you can learn Spanish for free.


Chinese Mandarin is another language essential to the business sector; it is the second most spoken language globally. Learning Mandarin gives you access to China’s fast-growing economy; China’s economy is the second-largest economy in the world.

The country’s economy has been growing steadily since its reform in 1978 and will most likely continue for a long time. This fact is one of the main reasons why learning Mandarin is especially crucial for business.

Mandarin will likely give English, the most spoken language in the world, healthy competition shortly. When you can fluently speak Mandarin, you will be able to communicate with potential customers in China and neighboring Taiwan.


German takes the twelfth position among the world’s most spoken languages and is spoken by 135 million people worldwide. The language is quite easy to understand, and you can learn it within thirty weeks, depending on how much time you give it.

German is a trade language in Europe, particularly because Germany’s economy is the fourth-largest in the world and the largest in Europe. Also, Germany takes third place among the prolific contributors to scientific research, making it a major hub for business.

Furthermore, several European countries like Switzerland and Belgium, with healthy economies, take German as their official language. German shares some roots with English, and that is why it is easy to understand, provided you can get the accent down.


French is fun to learn, interesting, and one of the best languages to learn for business and career purposes. There are about 267 million French speakers in the world, with thirty countries listing it as their official language. Aside from being fun to learn, French is easy to understand; you can start speaking fluently within twenty-three to twenty-four weeks.

French is useful in many European countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, and France, as well as in many African countries. Morocco, Africa’s fastest-growing economy, has French as one of the most widespread languages.

Plus, the language is highly valuable in North American countries like Canada; some of Canada’s provinces like Quebec predominantly speak French. Fluency in French will earn you a place in the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economies.


Though not as popular, Arabic is more widespread than French; it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. About 274 million people in twenty-three countries speak Arabic, and learning this language gives you access to them.

However, learning Arabic can be difficult for English speakers, but you can learn with the best language learning apps. Nevertheless, if you can give it what it takes and become proficient, it offers tons of opportunities.

Arabic is valuable in most Middle Eastern and Arabic Gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. These three countries are world-renowned for their moves towards diversifying their industries, apart from their huge gas and oil exports. Furthermore, the whole of North Africa speaks Arabic, with some of its richest nations using it as their official language.


About 128 million people speak Japanese, although only Japan and Palau have it as their official language. Still, Japan’s enormous economy provides sufficient reason to learn this language – and there’s the fact that the country is in demand for young workers.

If you are finding it difficult to make headway in your country, learning Japanese can change things for you. Japan’s workforce population is aging out and its labor participation rates are dropping; the country needs young minds like you.

Furthermore, some of the largest and most popular retail chains have a significantly large presence in Japan. Fluency in Japanese gives you access to this island nation’s reputable excellence in science and technology. Plus, Japan is a big contributor to international trade with leading players in software, pharmaceuticals, and many other sectors.


Learning Portuguese is not particularly for doing business in Portugal; it is for Brazil, with the largest economy in South America. Portugal has a middle-range economy in Europe, but Brazil has a diverse pack of industries spanning different sectors.

Thus, for most people, learning Portuguese isn’t for business in Portugal; it is to gain access to Brazil’s large economy. Plus, the language is profitable in some southern and western African countries like Cape Verde and Mozambique.

If you already speak English, learning Portuguese is pretty easy; it is even easier if you are a Spanish speaker. Portuguese is considered one of the world’s most valuable languages that business owners and entrepreneurs should learn.


These seven languages are essential for every business owner and entrepreneur that aims to go international in business. You can find many language learning apps to learn them for free or enroll in the best language courses for more intensive learning.