Meaning Of “Not The Least Of Which” And “Not The Least Because”

Meaning Of

Meaning Of “Not The Least Of Which” And “Not The Least Because”

In some cases, we’ll go over an expression in English that doesn’t show any writing sensibility but is wholly possible and keeps all grammar steps significant. Furthermore, let’s learn what it is and what its usage is.

Meaning “not the least of which.”

We define “not the least of which” as “quite possibly of the greatest” or “one of the main.” We usually use it while writing comparative sentences that make sense of something about a finding. We can use it formally or informally to identify facts and opinions you expect to be of extreme value compared to other facts and opinions you also say during communication.

Thus, saying “not the least of which” assists you in dividing your long list of things into one more shortlist. The list nowadays holds the essential snippets of data you need to get across to the people listening to you. In this style, they get the heft of the data without stressing.

Say, for example, “individuals should quit driving alcoholic for some reasons, not the least of which is because they can kill other people.” look how we give “many reasons” to show that there is more data to give. Nonetheless, we wanted to examine important reasons; that’s why we use “not the least of which” to convey that point.

10 Examples Of How To Use “Not The Least Of Which” in a sentence.

As we already defined what we want to do with the expression, now is the right time to further look into it. The perfect path to predicting it and how it acts in sentences is to get a practical sense of it. We have generated some examples in which you see how it exists in a sentence and in which suitable situation you end up with a sentence. It is not much difficult to understand.

  • The fissure encompassed many issues, not the least of which was essential trust. 
  • The outfit has other advantages, not the least of which is that it annoys parents.
  • The atlas is vital for many reasons, not the least of which is aesthetic.
  • Tom has many engaging qualities, not the least of which is his considerable good humor.
  • Research is often confronted with practical constraints, not the least of which are time and money.
  • Lenses are available in many optical devices, not the least of which are cameras, microscopes, binoculars, and telescopes.
  • On this day, we will learn about the many influences on the brain and behavior, not the least of which are biological influences.
  • We had many things to consider, not the least of which was the safety of our children.
  • The government keeps records of us for our safety precautions, not the least of which is ensuring we don’t get into trouble.
  • Many things still exist to online purchasing, not the least of which is the lack of internet access.

Look how we enter a mixture of things and a series of reasons in each sentence. Nonetheless, we do not want to consume much time, so we utilize “not the least of which.” Many say “not the least of which” is a little longer for everyday communication. Many individuals may be stuck in syntax so that you can say “one of the biggest” or something related to this.

“Not The Least Of Which” Synonyms

Let’s end with some synonyms with the same definitions as “not the least of which.” As we said above, “not the least of which” is viewed as too much for some people. Many words are related to “not the least of which” and fit perfectly in the sentence. Hence, we motivate you to try these synonyms and have a look at them.

One of the biggest

We have referenced it across the entire article, but it is the correct synonym for “not the least of which.” If you are searching for the best use of “not the least of which” and don’t like to say or write, then “one of the biggest” is an excellent choice.

The most important being

If you are examining an essential place on your list to someone, then this expression will be suitable for your sentence. It is effortless to understand, and we like you when you use it.

The main point

The last synonym gets us focused on the point. We have proposed our article with the examples listed above. However, we jump directly to “the main point this time.”

Meaning of “not the least because”

We use “not the least because” to dominate the usefulness of a specific aspect of a situation.

How do we use “not the least because” in a sentence

  • Dieting can be bad for your health, not least because it is a cause of stress.
  • A stable and sound financial system has a potentially powerful influence on a country’s economic development, not the least because it may impact the level of capital formation.
  • I am confused about “not the least because” I sometimes see three meanings.
  • Don’t forget that cash flow forecasts have limitations, not the least because they are based on estimates and assumptions.
  • Selling your product racks for many reasons, not the least because you get paid instantly and keep almost 100% of the purchase price.
  • George is an excellent manager, not the least because he is genuinely willing to listen.
  • The figures above must be highly gratifying to the examining bodies, not the least because they present that the current stage of musical learning warrants more demands upon those who aspire to authoritative recognition.
  • Trade has been bad, not the least because of increased costs.
  • My brother was distressed about his presence here, not the least because she felt it was invading her privacy.
  • Diana enjoyed herself enormously at the birthday party, not the least because it brought her sister down a peg or two.
  • George was a superb dean, not least because of his capacity to listen to colleagues and then make up his mind decisively.