Weighting Or Weighing | What Is The Correct Spelling?

Weighting Or Weighing? What Is The Correct Spelling?

Weighting Or Weighing | What Is The Correct Spelling?

As many words look like same in pronouncing and writing, the words “weighting” and “weighing” are also the words from the list of those words. This article will teach you the difference between “weighting” and “weighing.” So from now on, you will not be zoned out when you will listen to these words.

Weighting or Weighing: What’s The Difference?

“Weighting” is said to be the ranking of something, or it is also given the meaning of organizing things according to their importance. 

 “Weighing” is used to check whether something is lightweight or heavy.

These two words are entirely different, so we should ensure their meaning and pronunciation.

However, their spellings are alike but have entirely different meanings. They are not replaceable. The doubt is that this “weigh” is used as a verb.

Thus, “weight” is used as a noun to relate to how heavy something is.

Apart from this, “weighting” is said to be a verb, but it did not associate with the word weight. It is mainly used to relate something to another thing. 


“Weighting” relates to placing something over another thing. It is like a group of things. The definition is “a level of importance given to something compared to something else.”

  • Have you heard anything about the weighting of these products? Which one should we be focusing on?
  • I’m not going to tell you which of these two was weighted higher. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait.
  • The weighting results have finally come through. Are you going to be able to take a look with me?
  • I have assessed the appropriate weights of these issues. I think we all know which of them we will focus on.
  • Weighting is one of the most important aspects of situations like this. You must take it seriously.
  • The company’s weighting reports are coming out soon. I hope we’ve managed to stay on top of that.
  • I don’t understand how we were weighted in this way. Surely there must be other issues that are considered here.


“Weighing” means one of two things. It can either mean that you are carefully considering an option before deciding on an outcome, or you check how heavy something is. Both meanings work when “weighing” is used as a verb form.

The definition of “weighing,” according to the Cambridge dictionary, is “to carefully consider, especially by comparing facts or possibilities, in order to make decision” or “to have a heaviness of a stated amount, or to measure the heaviness of an object.”

  • I need to weigh these options before making any specific decisions. Sorry if that’s annoying for you.
  • Do you have any idea how to weigh these items? I thought it would be a lot simpler than this.
  • I’m not sure if you’re weighing these options correctly. They are not the same thing, and you really should be careful.
  • I will not weigh in on this one. I don’t see much of a reason why I should have to help you figure this one out.
  • She weighed in on our issues a lot back then. I wished she had stopped sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.
  • Are you going to weigh those out before you serve them up? I don’t want to be overfed.
  • Stop weighing down on me! It’s not fair to listen to all of your problems when I have some of my own.

Which Is Used The Most?

According to Google Ngram viewer, “weighing” is used the most. This is evident from the difference in the graph, and it relates to the more common contexts to which “weighing” applies.

“Weighting” is still frequently used but will never be as popular as “weighing.” It does not have as much use in most sentences because it has a specific meaning.

Weighting – Synonyms

  • Prioritizing
  • Precedence
  • Importance
  • Significance
  • Ranking
  • Seeding
  • Importing

Weighing – Synonyms

  • Consider
  • Decide
  • Contemplate
  • Think about
  • Look over
  • Wonder
  • Assess
  • Appraise

What does weighting mean in exams?

Weighting means some of your assessments are worth more than others. This means assessments awarded the same raw mark will contribute differently to your overall mark for the unit.

What is weighting in statistics?

A weight in statistical terms is defined as a coefficient assigned to a number in a computation, for example, when determining an average, to make the number’s effect on the computation reflect its importance.

weighting methods

The methods include:

  • Raking.
  • General-used regression estimation (GREG).
  • Logistic regression modeling.
  • Combinations of weighting cell methods.

The primary purpose of weighting adjustments is to reduce the bias in the survey estimates that nonresponse and noncoverage can cause.

Use of weighing balance

A weighing balance is an instrument used to determine an object’s weight or mass. It is available in various sizes with multiple weighing capacities and is an essential tool in laboratories, commercial kitchens, and pharmacies.

Types of weighing balance

  • Semi-Micro, Micro & Ultra Micro Balances. For weighing the minor amounts, ultra-micro and micro balances are selected.
  • Analytical Balance
  • Top-Loading and Precision Balance.
  • Triple-Beam Balances
  • History in Equal Arm Balances. 
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How is the weighing balance calculated?

Some manufacturers direct their operating manual to weigh a minimum of 1.0 mg on balance, having 0.01 mg least count, i.e., least count X 100. But the thumb rule followed in pharmaceutical industries for the lower limit is least count X 50 and the upper limit is 80% of the balance capacity.