Why do French people hate Americans? Anti americanism in france | America vs France

Why do French people hate Americans? Anti americanism in france | America vs France

Why do French people hate Americans? Anti Americanism in France | America vs France

It’s not that the French do not like Americans. It’s instead that we have trouble understanding you. On paper America and France share the same ideals, but culturally our societies are very different. Today we have come up with the same question to discuss.

In this article, we will discuss whether French people hate Americans and are people in France really against America?

Criticism of American Culture

According to French politicians, high-profile intellectuals, and journalists, progressive American ideas — specifically on race, gender, and post-colonialism — are undermining French society.

Emboldened by these remarks, prominent intellectuals have banded together to combat what they see as contamination on American campuses from out-of-control woke leftism and its attendant cancel culture.

According to a new Pew Research Center, analysis of surveys conducted in the four countries in fall 2020, Americans are significantly more divided along ideological lines than people in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany on critical cultural issues.

The political conflict between America and France

The U.S claims to be a democracy. It may be superior to our over-centralized French approach in many ways. Even so, it isn’t easy to understand how a country with such a wealth of talented people as the United States should offer presidential candidates. The French are obsessed with politics; they love to know what’s happening around them. Most voters will do extensive research on every candidate in the presidential election and bring value to the country and the people themselves. 

According to surveys, the French think Americans vote based on the class delegate. Their candidates appear to have spent more time criticizing their opponents than presenting their platforms.

Are America and France only a Cultural Issue?

There can be a reason for hate that the conflict is due to differences of culture and values. But, as by surveys, the French think that the conflict is due to different cultures, values, and habits. 

Other country leaders are expected to follow America’s footsteps and approve of its views and methods. But, because French leaders consider their country self-contained, they occasionally disagree with Americans.

On the one hand, most French people are well versed in American culture. They enjoy it, especially in big French cities where the standard way of life and life rhythm has been strongly “American style” over the past two decades.

On the other hand, many French people appear to have a judgmental and bitter attitude toward Americans. When it comes to the American political and social system, obviously, but also when it comes to the ordinary Person, whom they see as a stupid, uneducated fat belligerent guy who can’t even properly care for his own country (in a political and social sense) but can’t stop telling everyone else in the world how to behave with an aggressive attitude.

Anti-Americanism in France

France has a long history of anti-American attitudes. During the Cold War, both the left and the right were involved in anti-American propaganda. Still, the center-left and center-right identified that a peace accord with the US was crucial given the Soviet Union’s potential threat. On the other hand, anti-Americanism takes on different forms depending on one’s political ideology. While leftist anti-Americanism focused on capitalism and the flaws of the United States’ over-reliance on the market, the left was split on France’s geopolitical position during the Cold War. After the cold war, one might expect French anti-ideological Americanism’s map to shift.

Without the Cold War, the left’s division into pro-Soviet and pro-Western camps became obsolete. At the same time, Gaullist dreams of grandeur on the right appear to be fading in the face of the United States’ emergence as the sole hyperpower.

Are people in France really against America?

They will treat you the same if you are courteous and respectful of their culture. But, on the other hand, you will be treated if you are obnoxious and rude. We mostly disagree with their political decisions, but we adore America and its people.

Individualism and Diversity in America and France

Individualism is rated higher in the United States, while Power Distance is lower. French culture accepts some degree of inequality. The United States’ combined score of Individualism and Power Distance supports the US position of “liberty and justice for all,” a foundation for equal rights.

Uncertainty Avoidance and Long-Term Orientation are the two most significant differences. In avoiding uncertainty, American culture appears to be more open to new ideas and innovations. In contrast, French culture requires structure and planning and is less open to surprises. In addition, differences in long-term orientation suggest that France is more pragmatic than the United States, where people strive for quick results at work.


In this article, we explained why French people hate Americans and how anti-Americanism in France exists, and its effect on people. For more updates, make sign-up our newsletter for information worldwide.